TNEA 2014 Rank List – To be Released on 16th June 2014

TNEA 2014 Rank List – To be released on 16th June 2014

TNEA 2014 Rank List – Anna University conducts TNEA 2014 for Tamilnadu Engineering Admission for getting admission into the various engineering courses in the state through the Single window counselling. Candidates will be selected on the basis of the performance in their 10+2 as per the specified guideline.  This indicates the rank according to the marks obtained in class 12th Exam scaled to weight of 200 marks.

The TNEA 2014 Rank list contains the ranks of the TNEA applicants based on their TNEA cutoff marks. The TNEA 2014 Rank list will be published on 16th June 2014.  The students can get their rank by using the following link.

Click here to get the TNEA 2014 Rank List

Normalization for TNEA will be as follows :

  • If the highest mark secured by the student of State Board of Tamil Nadu in Physics is 100 and the highest marksecured by a student of any other Board in the Physics is 90 then both the highest marks will be considered to be equal to 100.
  • If a student of the other Board secures 60 marks in Physics while the highest marks obtained by a candidates in Physics in the same Board is 90, then the 60 marks will be considered to be equal to 66.66 marks as calculated below.100 x 60 = 66.66 %
  • After normalisation of marks in the relevant subjects in the qualifying examination conducted by different Boards,  acommon merit list for TNEA 2014 will be arrived at.
  • For candidates who have qualified from National Boards such as CBSE, ISCE etc. the highest marks obtained in the relevant subject by the candidates at the National Level alone will be taken into consideration for normalisation.
  • The Other Boards will be requested to furnish the maximum marks scored in the relevant subjects. In case, such marks are not available before the preparation of the TNEA 2014 rank, the maximum marks scored in that Board will be considered as 100 %.
  • The TNEA 2014 Rank list will be prepared based on the total mark of 200.

Factors Deciding Cutoff In TNEA 2014 :

TNEA 2014 Cutoff will be decided by Anna University, according to number of available seats and total number of candidates. It also depends upon the level of exam, that is, if exam is easy, then the cut off marks will be high (as large number of candidates will be able to score high marks). Cutoff will vary from institute to institute. It may also be different for varied courses.

How TNEA 2013 Rank list is  prepared ?

A  merit  list will be prepared based on the total mark of 200 which is called as cut-off mark.  In cases  where more than one candidate have got the same cut-off mark in the common merit list, the inter-se-merit among such candidates shall be determined in the order of priority as specified below.

  • Percentage of mark in Mathematics,
  • Percentage of mark in Physics,
  • Percentage of mark in the Fourth optional subject,
  • Date of Birth (elder will be given preference) &
  • Random number assigned (higher value will be given preference).

How to calculate Cut-off Marks for Engineering Admission ?

Prescribed Subjects for calculating cut-off marks of TNEA 2014 admission are Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics.

Step 1: The marks scored in Mathematics (the subject for which maximum mark is 200) should be divided by 2. For example if a candidate scores 195 marks in Maths then his / her cut-off mark of this subject will be 97.5 (ie. 195/2)

Step 2: The marks scored in Chemistry and Physics are to be divided by 4. For example if a candidate scores 190 and 195 marks in Physics and Chemistry respectively then his / her cut-off marks in these subjects will be 47.5 and 48.75 respectively (ie. 190/4 and 195/4)

Step 3: Now add the above calculated cut-off marks in Mathematics, Physics and chemistry. This would give a final cut-off mark for a student which is also called as Marks scored in prescribed subjects reduced to 200. For example the final cut-off mark from subject wise cut-off marks calculated in step 1 and 2 will be 193.75 (97.5+47.5+48.75)

“All the best to the Students”

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