Back Pain – Relief and Prevention

back pain relief and prevention
In many cases of back pain, the cause is really difficult to determine. As your lower back bears most of the weight and stress of your body, the pain generally comes from the strained muscles and ligaments caused due to heavy lifting or an awkward body movement. The obvious cause behind the back pain remains hidden in most of the cases. However several factors are responsible for generating new back problems or exacerbating the existing ones. These are clustered in to five categories:

Arthritis- This refers to the inflammation of the joints or pain that occurs in the joints.

Some of the other causes of back pain include:

1.Tumors- Spinal column tumors come from tumors in the breast, kidney, lungs and thyroid. These tumors produce pain which is worst at night time. Some metastatic tumors have symptoms like unplanned weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

2. Automobile accidents- Automobile accidents also cause back pain as they make the body accept large amount of energy in a short period of time resulting in damaging muscles, ligaments and tendons. Active physical therapy, over-the-counter and prescription medications are available for the treatment depending upon the severity of the pain.

3.Back pain during pregnancy- Most pregnant women experience low back pain in their third trimester of pregnancy having pain in the sacroiliac joints. This pain is due to extra weight and hormonal factors that widen the sacroiliac joints and increase the size of birth canal.

4.Sacroiliac joint dysfunction- Sacroiliac joint is one which connects sacrum with the pelvis. Sometimes pain is felt in these sacroiliac joints due to limitations in its normal motion patterns. It is more common in young or middle aged women. Treatments available are physical therapy and exercise, osteopathic manipulations and injections.

5.Other factors are poor posture and body mechanics, emotional stress, excessive weight and obesity, herniated discs, sickle cell anemia, whiplash, cancer pain, diabetes, spinal stenosis, piriformis syndrome and age factor.

Having realized that back pain is a problem that can easily be avoided provided you adopt a lifestyle that prevents back pain, it is time to examine other ways of preventing this disorder. It is established beyond doubt that back pain results form jerky movements and the careless and occasional lifting of heavy items.

Even when sitting on a chair, care must be taken to choose the right kind of chair to prevent the onset of back pain. In fact, the designing and crafting of suitable office chairs has become a science and has given rise to a large body of research on that front. But without going into so much detail, as an everyday precaution, it is best to inculcate the habit if sitting up on a chair and not slouching on it. Thus the use of a high back chair gives the lower back the right kind of support and prevents the onset of back pain despite being in a chair for long hours.

When relaxing in a chair after a hard day’s work it is best to prop up your feet on a low stool. This will give tremendous relief to your back and prevent aches and pains in the back from occurring.

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