Are Eggs Good for Weight Loss?

Eggs have been a hot topic of the weight loss debate. Two different dietitians will tell you two different opinions about eggs; one says stay away, the other says eat eggs every day. With opinions about eggs so divided, how do you know if eggs are good for weight loss?

The Incredible Egg
Eggs are a natural, nearly perfect food. They are an excellent source of easily digestible protein, plus many other vital nutrients. Eggs can certainly be included as part of a healthy diet.

Unfortunately, eggs have gotten a bad rap over the years because they also contain two seemingly nefarious factors: cholesterol and fat.

One egg contains about 212 mg of cholesterol, and since the daily limit is 300 mg, people are scared away from eating them. However, most of the cholesterol in your body is actually made by your body, and is not as affected by diet as we may have thought. Eating one egg a day is generally considered to be safe and moreover, healthy for weight loss.

Are Eggs Good for Weight Loss?Fatty Acids
Egg yolks do contain an essential fatty acid called arachadonic acid. This fatty acid has a mixed reputation because although it is essential for metabolism, it is also the “parent” molecule for many inflammatory substances, to which many people are highly sensitive. However, it may be more likely that the problem is just an imbalance of arachadonic acid and omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, your healthy solution is not to stop eating eggs, but to eat eggs and fish (or another omega-3 source).

Eggs for Weight Loss
Are Eggs Good for Weight Loss?One egg consists of about 80 calories and 5g of fat, so eating one egg every day is good for your diet. If you find yourself wanting more, add extra egg whites to your egg to cut down on fat. Hard-boiled, scrambled, and poached eggs are the best cooking methods. If you must fry them, do it in a non-stick pan without butter or oil.

Eggs are an excellent source of nutrition in your weight loss diet. Eat one a day for optimal health.

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