Why sponsored IGNOU PG courses are limited to Group A

Shri.S.Ramachandran who is working as UDC in one of army medical units is the author of this article.

Applauds to the initiative made by IGNOU in the history of democratic India for recognizing the need for educating Govt servants. It is a maiden and a welcoming step to improve efficiency and efficacy. Hope the same facility will be extended by all the universities.

However, eligibility criterion for reimbursement extended only according to the relevant position of the Government servant viz, studying PG Course one should reach the level of under secretary etc which has put embarrassment in the minds of lower level staff. (Click here to go to previous GConnect Article for details on eligibility criteria based on designation of government employee)

All of us know that education has a formative effect on the mind, character, skills, knowledge, habits and attitudes and the same are acquired and utilised to modify the behavior of an individual. According to Swamy Vivekananda “Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man". Thus the education brings quality in work life, better decisions; thereby improves his overall behavior and become more responsive to public service and to the society as a whole.

Limiting PG/Degree course only to Under Secretary and above and denying the same to lower level staff is highly unjustifiable. If the lower level staff is educated, both the Government and the individual are benefited since it improves his overall efficiency thereby improves his quality of output.

No doubt even LDCs also sometimes take part in the process of decision making.  In a small office, LDC/UDCs also take part in making decision for their daily routine tasks. I am working as UDC, since I am the sole administrative staff in my office; I have been entrusted with office management, personal management, record management, fund management etc.

In such cases, if a LDC or UDC acquires PG Degree, how the Government can say that studying PG Course is not beneficial to the lower level staff viz, LDC/UDC and denying the same illogically.

In this juncture, undeniably both individual and his organization are benefited. On the one side Government is striving to enact 'Right to education' as one of the fundamental rights though it is compulsory to all children in the age of  6  to 14 years (presently the bill is pending with the President) on the other Government is denying education to its own employees.

Hon'ble Prime Minister (Late) Shri V.P. Singh has rightly said that “In my opinion from Ministers to Clerks are Managers in the process of Government functionality”.  Denying higher education is something like our father of nation was denied by the British people to board the train in Ist class because he was an Indian.

It is only a one time investment from the side of Government for which benefits reaped by individual, Government exchequer and the public at large.  Allowing reimbursement for higher studies will boost up his morale, loyalty, commitment, a sense of belongingness.

Employee’s psychological needs can also be met by providing opportunities for advancement. Once he acquires higher qualification, it can be helpful in his career growth and the Government can also have experienced and educated employee rather than selection of inexperienced fresher candidate for higher job position.  Selection of own employee for higher position minimizes recruitment cost, cost of training, induction, orientation, period of adaptability etc.

It is not understood as to why the Government is giving incentives for acquiring higher qualification if lower level staff is not competent to study PG Degree. I am not able to understand the motivation behind for denying PG Courses to the lower level staff. Is it the intention to suppress the lower level staff?  In fact under the pretext of removing the disparity, Government has hiked the salary of both the upper and middle and erstwhile Group D employee`s salary (hoping these large vote bank would favour them), depriving hike of salary to LDC/UDC Cadre.

I am a MBA (HRM) Graduate, my anxious feeling is whether I may be a wrongdoer since I have acquired a PG Degree. Unfortunately my course is also not recognized in the list of recognized course for granting incentives. I do not know the reason for not recognizing MBA (HRM).  All of us know that it this PG degree dealing with Human Resources Management.

Hope we can rely on faith for a better tomorrow.