Setbacks to Supervisory cadre in subordinate Offices

Shri.Mohanan Narayanan is the author of this article.  He works as an Office Superintendent in a subordinate office under Ministry of Textiles in Mumbai

My concerns reflected in this article is about the setbacks to the supervisory cadres  in Subordinate offices (which is also known as field offices) under various Departments/Ministries, due to merger of pay scales of Rs.5000-150-8000/- and Rs.5500-175-9000/- consequent 6CPC implementation as well as MACPS.

6CPC recommendations for merger of pay scales:

The 6th Pay commission in its recommendation suggested the merger of the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.5000-150-8000/-, Rs.5500-175-9000/, Rs.6500-200-6900 and Rs.6500-200-10500/- to bring parity between field offices, and the secretariat, vide its recommendation under para 2.2.19 of its report. 

This recommendation was accepted by the Government and the said pay scales have been placed in pay band 2 with grade pay of Rs.4200/- .  The intention of the commission was very clear that since there is no difference in the functions of Secretariat services and field offices up to the level of Assistants, they should draw equal pay.  

Prior to implementation of sixth pay commission, the Assistants of Subordinate offices were in the pre revised pay scales of Rs.5000-150-8000/- where as Assistants of Secretariat services were in the pre revised pay scales of Rs.6500-200-1050/-. 

In order to merge the pre-revised pay scales of Rs.5000-150-8000/- and Rs.6500-200-1050/-, which are not hierarchically consecutive, pre-revised pay scale of Rs.5500-175-9000/- which was in between was also merged to form a single pay scale.


Merger downgraded the Pay of Supervisory Post:

The posts in the pre revised pay scales of Rs.5500-175-9000/- was supervisory posts in subordinate offices and were supervising the posts in the pay scales up to Rs.5000-150-9000/- in which the Assistants of Subordinate offices were also covered.

Surprisingly, the pay scale of Assistants of Secretariat service were upgraded and granted grade pay of Rs.4600/-  leaving the supervisory posts in the pay scale of Rs.5500-175-9000/- as it is.  Is it not a denial benefits to the supervisory posts or down gradation of supervisory posts to that of clerical one?

In the field offices the Assistants in the pre revised pay scales of Rs.5000-150-8000/- were considered as Clerical posts among other LDC/UDC etc. and the post of Office Superintendent (or similar posts with different designations) in the pre revised pay scale of Rs.5500-175-90 00/- were considered as  supervisory cadre posts, who supervise the work of LDC/UDC, Assistants etc.  However with the merger of the pay scale of Rs.5000-150-8000/- and Rs.5500-175-9000/- with that of Rs.6500-200-1050/-, this hierarchy is lost and now there is no supervisory posts in subordinate offices.  This may be the condition in similar type of posts in various departments with various designations.  Perhaps this anomaly has not come to the notice of the Govt.


Further setback to Supervisory Post due to MACPS:

While 6CPC implementation downgraded the pay of supervisory cadre as detailed above, implementation of MACPS added salt to this injury.

For an instance, one LDC who has completed 30 years service as on 1.9.2008, and is in the pre revised pay scale of Rs.5000-150-8000/- (UDC ACP/Assistants), will get a Grade Pay of Rs.4600/-.

But an employee coming under following two categories,

  • who is either directly recruited to pre revised pay scale of Rs.5500-175-9000/- and completed less than 10 years service as on 1.9.2008
  • who is promoted from the pre revised pay scale of Rs.4500-125-7000/- to the Pre revised pay scale of Rs.5500-175-9000/- and has completed 30 years service as on 1.9.2008

will get only the grade pay of Rs.4200/- even though the individual is much senior to the Assistants /UDC ACP  in the hierarchy   

Is it not a real anomaly and negligence of supervisory posts and will it not affect the morale of supervisory posts in subordinate offices?   Will any body either from Staff Side or from Officers side bring the same to the notice of concerned authorities for  granting separate Grade Pay to the Pre-revised pay scale posts of Rs.5500-175-9000/-?

This will really have a better effect in maintaining the Govt. mechanism in Subordinate Offices as it does not have a supervisory cadre at present due to merger of pay scales as detailed above.

I, on behalf of all affected, pray the Government for granting separate Grade Pay to Supervisory Posts distinct from that of Assistants etc. in subordinate Offices.

The views expressed in this article are those of the guest author and are not intended to represent the views of GConnect.

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