Sachin – the ‘sathamaghan?’

About the author: The author of this article is Shri C.V. Subramaniam.  He retired as Director in the Department of Information Technology, GOI and has held several important positions in the Government including the Science Advisory Council to Prime Minister. He has published 70 plus articles in various leading news papers and has published a book on Human Resource Management.

We thank him very much for his voluntary gesture to share his creative writing with GConnect.   We are glad to say that this article is just a precursor.  His main  work  (My Career – an Auto biographical Account) which is about his successful career grown from the post of a stenographer to the Director  in the Department of information Technology, GOI, will follow soon.

while sachin missed the centuryThe failure of Sachin Tendulkar on the fourth day of the Test against West Indies yesterday to score his long awaited hundredth hundred must certainly have broken the hearts of many an ardent cricket fans.

One can perhaps compare his efforts to the ‘aswamedha’ yagas performed by Lord Vishnu, (as Emperor Prithu’) who was keen to complete his hundredth such yaga  and earn the coveted title ‘sathamaghan’.

Indra , feeling angry at this,  arranged for the horse meant for the yaga to be stolen and the yaga could not be completed. The horse was, however retrieved by the son of Prithu.

But what happened each time he tried to complete the hundredth such yaga is well known to readers of Narayneeyam. The story goes thus. During each attempt of Lord Vishnu (Emperor Prithu) to complete the hundredth aswamedha Yaga,  Indra ensured that the ‘aswa’ or the horse used for the Yaga  was stolen by his followers.  He acted this way, since he was keen to retain his title as the only one to have completed  hundred aswamedha yagas (‘sathamaghan’).

The Rishis tried their best to bring Indra to the ‘homa kund’ and ensure that Indra does not succeed in his efforts to steal the horse, but of no avail. What happened, however was that Brahma Himself  appeared in front of Lord Vishnu and said, ‘Oh, Emperor Prithu, be  satisfied that you were able to perform 99 aswamedha yagas only. And, Lord Vishnu (Emperor Prithu) obeyed.

It makes one wonder ‘has Sachin got a rival like Indra, who descends to earth every time he is on the verge of completion of the hundredth hundred and being the only ‘Sathamaghan’ in cricket?’ With his 28 failures in the 90s, it appears there is a similarity here to the efforts of Lord Vishnu. But one good thing to admire is that even in failures in 90s, Sachin holds the record.

On the other hand, while Indra still is the only ‘sathamaghan’ (holder of the record for having performed hundred aswamedha yagas), in cricket there is no one with such a coveted title, yet. And, at least for getting one such INDRA in cricket (yes, Sachin is compared to God in cricket and revered too that way), Sachin fully deserves to succeed.

It will not be too far for that to happen. While Rampaul  must have come as the villain yesterday (he claimed he felt so), as if appointed by Indra to deny him the well deserved hundredth hundred, Sachin’s countless fans would continue to perform the ‘yaga’ for his success. The only thing his fans should learn to do is perhaps to restrain from ‘breathing down his neck’ every time he takes strike.

Indian cricket world cup victory

Even in the worst scenario of his not being able to make it, Sachin  would still remain the holder of  ’99 aswamedha yaga’ (equalling Emperor Prithu)   and perhaps also create an unbeatable  record for maximum failures in the nervous 90 s. For, each  of his hundreds so far is really an ‘aswamedha’ Yaga in itself!!  Well, we all wish him to be the ‘sathamaghan’ in  cricket history.

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