Promotion without pay hike – Is it honorary?

Shri.J.Lakshmi Naryanan, Deputy Office Superintendent, Central Excise, Salem is the author of this article.

A promotion unless to a honorary posting, should fetch some monetary benefit to the employee.  But it’s no so after implementation of Sixth Pay Commission report.  You would get a promotion and yet you are not sure of receiving any pay hike.

I feel this disorder has been caused not because of the government orders but the wrong interpretation of the same.  It is causing considerable financial loss to certain employees in the form of denial of increment at the time of promotion.

This is the Audit Observation of SRU and PAOs that causes the problem:

“As per Rule 13 of CCS Revised Pay Rules 2008, fixation will be done only in case of promotion from one grade pay to another in the revised pay structure. As such, no fixation benefit in the form of increment equal to 3% of Pay Band +Grade pay should be allowed where there is no change in grade pay due to promotion.”

The cadres affected by this wrong interpretation are :

Case 1: When Superintendents who got the grade pay of Rs.5400 as on 1.1.2006, are granted ACP to the pre-revised scale of 8000-14000 from the pre-revised scale of 7500-12000, pay fixation with 3% increment is denied to them, on the notion that it is only an ACP to the next grade that carries same grade pay.

Case 2: Administrative Officers promoted from DOS cadre, DOS from STA cadre, Inspectors from STA cadre, and Havildars promoted from Sepoys cadre have been badly affected by this wrong interpretation.

Case 3: A Deputy Office Superintendent after completion of service of more than 18 years, which includes the service of a decade or more in the junior cadres like TA/STA/UDC/LDC etc, is promoted now as AO and transferred  from one end to the other end of the State.  Do you how much his pay hike will be for this promotion? A Big Zero !

Case 4 : So is the case of a Senior Tax Assistant  who has been promoted as Deputy Office Superintendent and under the orders of transfer from one end to the other end of the State without any change in his pay as a result of the promotion.

A close look at Rule 13 of CCS Revised Pay Rules 2008, that provides the procedure for fixation on promotion after 01/01/2006 could throw some light on this issue.

“ 13.fixation of pay on promotion on or after 1.1.2006- in the case of promotion from one grade pay to another in revised pay structure, the fixation will be done sa follows:-

(i)  one increment equal to 3% of the sum of the pay in the pay band and the existing grade pay will be computed and rounded off to the next multiple of 10.This will be added to the existing pay in the pay band. The grade pay corresponding to the promotion post will thereafter be granted in addition to this pay in the pay band. …”

The portion where the audit team got stranded was put in the bold letters above, viz.,  Promotion from one grade pay to another “.  However they have not given attention to the clear wordings under the same Rule (i) which is also put in the bold letters above – “the Grade pay corresponding to the promotion post”.    At the time of release of 6CPC notification itself we discussed the adverse effect of this Rule in GConnect, especially in the case of uneven merger of three or four non-gazetted and gazetted cadres under one Grade Pay.

By understanding the field level problems, a Clarification was issued in OM No.F. No.1/1/2008 IC  dated 13/09/2008 by the Government which reads as follows

“Clarification 2: The method of fixation of pay on promotion after 01.01.2006
On promotion from one grade to another/financial upgradation under ACP, a Government servant has an option under FR 22(I)(a)(1) to get his pay fixed in the higher post  either from the date of his promotion, or from date of his next increment, viz. 1st July of the year. The pay will be fixed in the following manner in the revised pay structure:-
(a)  in case the Government servant opts to get his pay fixed from his date of next increment, then, on the date of promotion, pay in the pay in the pay band shall continue unchanged, but the grade pay of the higher post will be granted…”

The words coined under Rule 13 as “Promotion from one Grade Pay to another”  has been changed in the form of clarification dated 13.09.2008 mentioned above to the extent that “On promotion from one Grade to another grade”,  to rectify the mistake that is causing the pay fixation problem we are discussing so far.  So, if an employee promoted from one grade to the other, he is entitled for pay fixation with an increment of 3% irrespective of the fact that both the grades from and to which the employee was promoted carry same grade.

With the clarifications issued further by the Government, even the very little ambiguity that prevailed has been sorted out now. Thus the audit /SRU teams are to review their stand on this issue.

If the audit/SRU teams and PAOs are still persisting with those 7 words i.e. promotion from one grade pay to another, following fundamental things are under Question.

What will be the use of forming a DPC for promotion, if no pay benefit accrues to the promoted employee?

What is the fun in shuffling the employee across the State in the name of a promotion without any pay Benefit?

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and are not intended to represent the views of GConnect.

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