How to do white wash without paint-learn from CBEC

Shri.H.S.Govardhana Rao, who works for Central Excise Department as Superintendent at Bangalore is the author of this Article.

The Minutes of the meeting held on 18.02.2011 has come in circulation from last week.

Click this link to read the Minutes of CBEC meeting held on 18.02.2011

The salient features of the proposals are:

  • Increase in the proposed strength of Apex scale – HAG
  • Increase in the proposed strength of CAO/AO
  • No abolition of DOS/STA posts
  • Merger of Assistant Programmer (DEO Grade D) with Ministerial Grades
  • Enhancement of promotional avenues of Sepoys / Havaldars
  • Insitu promotion to the Inspector with 10 years of regular service
  • Insitu promotion to Superintendent with 20 years combined or regular service or Insitu as Inspector + superintendent (Insitu) with three years service as Superintendent (regular or Insitu) as Assistant Commissioner (Insitu)
  • Insitu promotion as Deputy Commissioner (in situ) to Assistant Commissioner (Insitu) after five years of service


As such there will be promotions to the Grade of CAO, AO, Sr. PS Grade I, II, PS Grade I, II, ASI Grade I, II, Head Havaldar, Havaldars.

But no promotions for Inspectors or Superintendents. With the introduction of Insitu Promotions CBEC is doing away with cadre review for Inspectors, Superintendents, Assistant Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners.

Original decision taken for Cadre Review, among other things, was to sanction additional post of –

  • 3346 + 250 posts of Assistant Commissioners
  • 7637 Posts of Superintendents
  • 10941 Posts of Inspectors

Now all of a sudden CBEC is enforcing the concept of INSITU PROMOTIONS. Here the officer will continue to work as respective Inspectors and Superintendents ,their pay also will not be hiked as under the new MACP scheme they have already got the pay.

Inspector who has worked for 10 years will be called Insitu Superintendent, his Grade pay will raised from 4600/- to 4800/- with no change in the pay scale. The Benefit is only Rs.200/-

Superintendent who has completed total combined tenure of 20 years with compulsory 3 year service as Superintendent or Insitu superintendent would be called Insitu AC. Insitu AC after 5 years will be called Insitu DC. The funniest things is that a regular AC will become DC after just completion of 4 years where as Insitu AC has to wait for 5 years to become Insitu DC.

This concept has already been implemented by the 5th Pay Commission and 6th Pay Commission. As per ACP scheme and Modified ACP scheme there is already the financial upgradtion after completion of 10, 20 and 30 years. 6th Pay Commission has also recommended financial up gradation from Grade pay 4800/- to 5400/- after completion of 4 years of service as Superintendent. Recently the Hon’ble High Court has granted the same benefit to ACP Inspectors also.

So the CBEC is misleading the cadre and doing away with the promotions due to TA/STA/Inspectors/Superintendent as per original cadre review proposals. Insitu promotion is an OLD WINE IN OLD BOTTLE. Old Bottle because this is already implemented by 6th Pay commission.

The basic concept of cadre review has been toppled with the introduction of a stupid and baseless Insitu promotion concept. The CBEC’s intention in implementing Insitu Promotion Concept is because of IRS lobby that are getting juice out of Inspectors and Superintendents does not want them to enter the IRS stream. If Insitu Promotions is implemented the Inspector who has joined the service will retire as Superintendent (working as an Inspector still or a Clerk!) and do not even dream to become AC/DC/JC like the Income tax.

I had in my earlier article “IF YOU PAY PEANUTS YOU WILL GET ONLY MONKEYS made the following proposals:


1.                To grant pay scale of  6500-200-10500 to Inspectors and pay scale of   Rs.7500-250-12000  to Superintendents retrospectively with effect from 01.01.1996 on par with that of CBI Inspector;

2.                Merge the cadre of Examiners and Preventive officers with the Inspectors of Central Excise and that of Appraisers and Superintendents of Customs with that of Superintendents of Central Excise;

3.                Merge the cadre of Examiners and Preventive officers with the Inspectors of Central Excise and that of Appraisers and Superintendents of Customs with that of Superintendents of Central Excise retrospectively;

4.                 The ratio of promotion to the grade of Assistant Commissioner to be revised in view of Supreme Court Judgement;

5.                Inspector on promotion to Superintendent of Central Excise OR on ACP/MACP should be placed in 8000-15200 scale with grade pay of Rs.5400 in PB-3 with two additional increments (since grade pay of Rs.4600/- has been accorded to Inspectors);

6.                After completion of 4 years they should be placed in 10000-15200 with pay band of 6600 PB-3 irrespective of ACP/MACP/Promotion  with two additional increments (recently the High Court has upheld CAT decision on this issue);

7.                On promotion or upon qualifying for the second MACP they should be placed in 12000-18000 with grade pay of Rs.7600 with two additional increments to be given;  and

8.                If for any reason the pay scale is not revised retrospectively, to do justice towards the 1992 batch Inspectors;


In addition to the above, I now sincerely appeal to the CBEC to sanction additional post of –

  • 3346 + 250 posts of Assistant Commissioners;
  • 7637 posts of Superintendents; and
  • 10941 post s of Inspectors as per the original cadre review proposals.

Implement promotions in the cadre of TA/STA/Inspectors/Superintendent accordingly.

If Insitu promotion concept has to be proposed then –

  • Let Inspector be called Insitu Superintendent after a service of 5 years;
  • Let them be called Insitu AC after 3 years as Insitu Superintendent ;
  • Let Insitu AC become Insitu DC after 4 years as Insitu AC;
  • Let Insitu DC become Insitu JC after 5 years as Insitu DC;
  • Let Insitu JC become Insitu ADC after 4 years as Insitu JC; and
  • Let Insitu ADC become Insitu Commissioner after 5 years as Insitu ADC.

If there are more number of Insitu Commissioners who have more than 5 years service then the concept of Insitu Chief Commissioner and Insitu Principal Chief Commissioner may be considered.

Hope the said proposals are considered in the right spirit.

The views expressed in this article are those of the guest author and are not intended to represent the views of GConnect.