Group B Entry Posts in Subordinate Offices after 6CPC

Shri.Mohanan Narayanan is the author of this article.  He works as an Office Superintendent in a subordinate office under Ministry of Textiles in Mumbai. His previous article in GConnect titled as "Setbacks to Supervisory cadre in subordinate Offices" may also be referred to

There exists Gazetted Group B Posts in the entry grade ( i.e. Lowest rung of Group B Gazetted  posts) with different designations in subordinate offices functioning under various Ministries / Departments viz. Assistant Directors, Assistant Administrative Officers etc. in Non Technical cadres.

These entry grade Group B Posts are Gazetted Posts as per provisions of Recruitment Rules and these posts carry pre-revised pay scale of Rs.6500-200-10500.

We all know, after the implementation  of sixth pay commission, pre-revised pay scale of Rs.5000-150-8000/-, Rs.5500-175-9000/-, Rs.6500-200-6900/- and Rs.6500-200-10500/- were merged to form a single pre-revised pay scale of Rs.6500-200-10500/- and this merged pre-revised scale has been placed in PB-2 9300-39400/- with Grade Pay of Rs.4200.

Subsequently the pre revised pay scale of Rs.6500-200-10500/- has been granted with a Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- vide Ministry of Finance, Office Memorandum No1/1/2008-IC dated 13.11.2009, based on representations received from various departments of Government of India. 

It is a good thing that the Govt. has separated the posts in the pre revised pay scale of Rs.6500-200-10500/- and granted a Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- as distinct from the other clerical and supervisory posts. 

This decision has placed the lowest rung of Group B Gazetted posts in subordinate offices in the revised Pay Band-2 with Grade Pay of Rs.4600/-.  But, did this move really bring equality in pay among Group B posts in all Central Government Departments?  The answer is not affirmative.

What is a Group B Post?

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension,(Department of Personnel and Training) vide its Notification No.S.0. 946(E) dated the 9th April, 2009 has notified that Posts carrying Grade Pay of Rs.4200/- to Rs.4800/- and G.P.5400/- in PB-2 are Group B posts. 

That means the pre revised pay scales of Rs.5000-150-8000/- to Rs.7500-250-12000/- and posts in the pre revised pay scale of Rs.8000-275-13500/ (Group B Gazetted) has been placed under the Group B category.  The nomenclature for Gazetted category of posts in the revised Pay Band is not however specified anywhere.  We may have to refer relevant recruitment rules for Gazetted Status.

Gazetted status to Group B Posts in Subordinate Offices but no pay difference:

Gazetted status continues to the lower Group B posts in subordinate offices by virtue of the provision in the relevant Recruitment Rules.  However, pay of these posts is set to second lowest in Pay Band 2  i.e. with Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- at par with Non-Gazetted officials in other departments.

What other Group B entry posts in Ministries/departments is getting after 6CPC?

After 6CPC implementation, in respect of Gazetted Group B entry posts in Ministries/Departments  etc. which carry Grade Pay of Rs.4800/- in PB 2, a provision has been made for granting of G.P.of 5400/- after completion of 4 years of service.  But similar non-functional upgradation is not provided to Group B entry posts in subordinate offices.

Why this unequal treatment is given?  In my opinion, when the lowest rung of Group A Gazetted posts are same for all Departments/Offices, the lowest rung of Group B Gazetted posts should also be the same in all Departments/Offices of Govt. of India, to maintain the status quo.  If a journey is undertaken to verify the induction  to Group B Gazetted posts of 1990’s or even before that it can be seen that all the induction to Gazetted Group B posts were carrying the same pay scale irrespective of subordinate office posts or posts in other Ministries/Departments etc.


I do not want to make a comparison of posts/pay scales of subordinate offices categorically with that of others to establish parity, but to pray to the Govt. to award grade Pay of Rs.4800/- to the lowest rung of Group B gazetted posts (induction to Group B Gazetted posts) in subordinate offices at par with Group B Entry Posts in Ministries/Departments. Similarly,  all the erstwhile Group B Non Gazetted posts in subordinate offices deserve to be placed in the P.B-2 with grade pay of Rs.4600/- at par with Group B Non Gazetted Posts in Ministries/Departments.

The views expressed in this article are those of the guest author and are not intended to represent the views of GConnect.