Concerns of LDC and UDC cadres

Shri.S.Ramachandran who is working as UDC in one of army medical units is the author of this article

I am working in one of the Army Medical Unit as UDC. I am entrusted with the entire administrative tasks assisted by one erstwhile Group `D' staff. This Group `D' staff is helping me in mail entry/sorting and dispatching only.

My boss is an Army doctor and the entire responsibility of personal management of erstwhile Group `D' staff ,administrative tasks of other Group `C' staff and officer`s correspondences and their documentation lies on me.

Since I am the sole administrative staff, I have to perform the tasks of Accounts management/book keeping both public and unit funds, cash book maintenance,, record management, service book maintenance, preparation and submission of pay bills/claiming other pay related claims, TA/DA Claims, Stores Management etc and general routine office correspondences.

My responsibilities are enormous, and however Govt has not recognized our services and placed in the Grade pay of ` 1900 for LDCs and ` 2400/- for UDCs. My case is not an isolated one. There are many hundreds of LDCs/UDCs in the small units of Army itself. We are bearing the maximum responsibilities and are now equated with the Group `D' employees. Earlier I had a little respect from the Group `D' employees of my office. After the implementation of 6th CPC and the MACPS even that is also lost.

I can understand the Government`s intention is to bring equality in the pay structure of Government employees and to reduce the disparity between high and low grade as practiced in the developed nations. It is a welcoming trend, but when they are trying to satisfy the up-liftments of other categories without any functional disturbances why, LDCs/UDC is deprived from such upgradations.

I could recollect news which came in one of the leading news papers about 10 years back that the finance commission has agreed higher scales for LDCs/UDCs at par with assistants as Fundamental rights and Directive principles of the state policy assure equal pay for equal work. But it was told that finance ministry has turned down the proposal stating that it entails huge financial implications to the Government exchequer.

My anxious feeling is Government should immediately address the concerns of LDC and UDC cadres that these cadres are to be recognized monetary wise as well as grade wise by scientifically studying the responsibilities and nature of work assigned to these cadres.

The views expressed in this article are those of the guest author and are not intended to represent the views of GConnect.