Remember MOTIVATION to get self-motivated

C.V.SubramaniamMotivation is what keeps you moving. Without motivation you become inert, standing still, clueless, aimless and confused. Motivation is what makes you act in a desired manner, generally towards improved performance.  We can see how the letters in the word MOTIVATION could indicate how we can get motivated.

Letter M: stands for Move On. One should think of moving on, rather than remaining stuck. Whether you like it or not, keep moving,  doing your duties, without getting affected by circumstances around you.

Letter O: stands for open to suggestions. Many a time suggestions and comments from others would be of great help in bringing about improvements in your thinking. These suggestions could be from friends, elders, bosses, your immediate superiors, your colleagues etc. These could come in various ways – through communication, through their actions which you take note of, through direct consultations for help and advice, through readings and so on.

Letter T: stands for thinking. It is said that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Thinking keeps the brain and mind active and takes you to a bigger canvas to be able to explore ideas, solutions, new actions, moving into other areas of interest,  and thus you can keep yourself active and productive too.

Letter I: stands for initiative. If you want to learn something, improve your knowledge, get interested in some thing, it is you and you alone who should make the first step.
Initiation and pro-activeness can well prove to be your strengths, be it in the realm of your career or your life.

Letter V: stands for value, branding. What value you would like to attach to yourself?

What sort of a ‘brand’ you would like to be identified with? You must give thought to these aspects and develop some good qualities and attributes by which people will come to know of you, or with which they will try to identify you.  This means that when some one refers to your name, those set of qualities which you possess and represent will immediately flash in their minds.

Letter A: stands for Attitude. It is first and foremost, your attitude which will shape your life. Always think of a positive attitude which will make you look at all the good things in life, see them as really good, make you follow them. While looking at a glass half filled, rather than seeing, thinking and believing the glass to be half-empty, see and believe it as half full – which means, you have to  fill just half a glass more to make it full, meaning thereby very little more to be done to achieve something.

Letter T: stands for training.  No one  is born with all good qualities, all abilities to be able to do things to perfection; and it is here one sees the importance of training. Whether you call it formal training or not, each new thing we learn during our career and life adds to our knowledge and skill, and training therefore assumes great importance.

Letter I. Here it stands for interaction with peers and experts. You must always welcome the opportunity for interaction which will only help you to get other’s viewpoints through which you can benefit immensely. Without such interaction, you will be confined to narrow thinking. Through such interactions you can also easily appreciate other’s viewpoint.

Letter O: stands for organization. Unless one organizes, things would get out of control and you will always find  yourself fretting and fuming. Organize  means properly arrange, control, prioritize – particularly your time and actions.  This  way, you can plan better and through such planning implementation will happen the way you desire, rather than leaving everything to chances.

Letter N: stands for natural, normal. Try to be your natural self. Do not try to mask yourself, pretend or imitate. This way, people will like you and love you. And that itself will further motivate you.

About the author: The author of this article is Shri C.V. Subramaniam. He retired as Director in the Department of Information Technology, GOI and has held several important positions in the Government. He has published 70 plus articles in various leading news papers and has also published a book on Human Resource Management.

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