UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2018 tomorrow: Last minute tips and tricks

UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2018 tomorrow: Last minute tips and tricks

UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2018: UPSC is all set to commence the initial and qualifying stage of India’s most coveted Civil Services examination – the preliminaries, scheduled for June 3, 2018. With just a few hours left for the highly competitive Civil Services examination, you must be wondering how to effectively utilise the last day and turn the situations in your favour?

Here are 3 simple rules, applying which will see you excel in your quest:

1. Eliminate negativity and anxiousness:

Aiming for Civil Services examination is a big responsibility, because the moment you decide to go for these extremely responsible services, you are dedicating your entire life to a vast and unpredictable society.

You will be on a constant mission to serve the diverse society effectively and for the benefit of mankind, which makes you deserve high appreciation and kudos on taking up this noble service as your career choice.

It is obvious that nearing the exam for Civil Services, you will be quite anxious, stressed and negativity will find its ways to enter your mind. Give it all a flip and tell yourself that ‘I am a diamond and will be polished to decorate my Nation. Nothing can break me or my decision, down!’.

Yes, that’s right! The moment you took this extremely mature decision of being a Civil servant, you gave yourself the title of an Administrator; and the one who is working hard to become an able administrator to serve the nation is indeed a diamond.

Nothing can break you down if you are dedicated in your efforts. If that is the power of the job you are soon going to live, why not practice the positivity and mental strength from this very moment? Remove the space for all the negative thoughts and start making positive affirmations from today; say to yourself every day that ‘You Can Do It’.

Tip: Smile more often, cultivate kindness in you, spend time doing things that amuse you and be with people you love. This will lighten your burden to the extent of extinction.

‘When you don’t find Sunshine, be that Sunshine’

2. Avoid absorption of new information from static syllabus:

Now is not the time to study anything new from the Static portion of your syllabus. Newer content will only add to your anxiousness and confusion regarding the subject.

Hence, strictly avoid studying anything you have not already studied because neither you will be able to memorise it now, nor you will be able to give quality time to revise the topics well which you have studied before. So, utilise your existing knowledge as your tool to write effective answers.

Tip: Do read current affairs updates, specially related to the topics of static portion, as it will help you frame your answers well covering all the aspects of the topics. Current affairs must be studied until the day you sit for the exams. It is crucial to crack Civil Services Examination.

3. Revision to your rescue:

As we mentioned that nothing new should be read now, this last week must be well used to revise everything that has already been studied from the important topics of Civil Services Exam syllabus.

This last-minute revision will help you remember all the crucial facts, basic information and relate with anything you have read in the current affairs regarding the concerned topic. Devote your time to the Static syllabus and current affairs updates.

Tip: Revise all your self-made notes as they are very research based and contains your understanding about the topic.

May your future be bright and you spread the light in favour of those who need it the most! We wish all the future Administrators a very good luck for the upcoming Civil Services Examination 2018!

Bookmark this page using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D to refer to this page and check your results and other exam-related updates. All the Best!

Best wishes – Gc tutor

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