Tricks/Cheat Codes to solve MCQs (IIT-JEE/NEET & Other Exams)

Tricks/Cheat Codes to solve MCQs (IIT-JEE/NEET & Other Exams)

An ultimate masterpiece and your one stop solution to tackle any MCQ (Multiple choice question). Even without knowing the actual answer, you will be able to attempt them and score those crucial 5-10% extra marks which can make the difference between a long and illustrious career in Civil Services (or Medicine or Law or Engineering or anything) versus abject failure.

This tutorial deals with:

  1. Negative marking is a good thing
  2. Avoiding pre-concevied notion about difficulty level of question paper and cut-off
  3. How the options make the questions hard and not vice-versa
  4. Examples of easy and difficulty questions with variations in options only
  5. How changing perspective and familiarity can alter difficulty level of any question
  6. Strategy for IIT/JEE/NEET/GATE/UPSC CSE (IAS) preliminary examination
  7. Results expected from elimination method 8. Probability model of how it actually works in practice
  8. Try to eliminate one option at least and then ATTEMPT IT at any COST
  9. Does the elimination method actually helps?
  10. How to tackle a “match the following” type MCQ
  11. How to tackle a “Choose the correct statement (s)” type MCQ
  12. How to tackle Assertion and reasoning questions
  13. Extremely crucial final tips
  14. Choosing options like “None of the above” and “All of the above”
  15. If the statement talks about extremes in social sciences, it is likely to be false
  16. If the statement talks about moderation in social sciences, it is likely to be true
  17. Try to concentrate hard on the mental images of books, classes and try to eliminate at least one option
  18. Read question carefully twice and Focus on key words like correct, true or false, incorrect etc.
  19. Do not waste time on questions, about which you have no clue

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