Information on National Career Service (NCS)

Information on National Career Service (NCS)/ National Employment Service – The government website that searches jobs for  job seekers

The Ministry of Labor, Health and Family Welfare has launched a “National Employment Service” website to help young people looking for work.

Young people looking for jobs can register their information online at for free .

This website is a bridge connecting job seekers and employers.

Besides job seekers, all those employed by job-giving companies, local service providers, skilled development practitioners, private companies and government agencies can register.

Without a computer and non-internet access, it has been introduced with the lowest fee booking facility available at Head Post Offices across the country.

About National Employment Service

NCS brings together –

  • Career Centers
  • Jobseeker Registration
  • Get career guidance from career counsellor
  • Skill Providers with career building courses
  • Employer Registration

National Employment Service functions within the framework of the Employment Exchanges. Users can register with a district employment exchange online through this portal. Job Seeker registration form is also available for download. Details of the Employment Exchanges Act are provided. Links to new job seeker, new employer etc. is also available. Employment exchanges can also login to access relevant information.

Bringing Talent Closer to Opportunities…

A National ICT based portal is developed primarily to connect the opportunities with the aspirations of youth. This portal facilitates registration of job seekers, job providers, skill providers, career counsellors, etc.

The portal provides job matching services in a highly transparent and user friendly manner. These facilities along with career counselling content will be delivered by the portal through multiple channels like career centers, mobile devices, CSCs, etc.

The project would be capable of meeting the varied demands and requirements of the youth for information on education, employment and training and will be supported by a multi lingual call center.

The portal will also make available information on local service providers available to house hold and other consumers for services like driving, plumbing, carpentry, etc.

Best wishes –Gc tutor

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