IIT JEE Main 2018: Analysis of the examination by an expert

IIT JEE Main 2018: Analysis of the examination by an expert

Overall the JEE Main 2018 examination was slightly on the difficult side. A few questions in the paper were straightforward and could be solved by a student who has been preparing sincerely for the exam. But a large numbers of questions required lengthy solutions. A few questions were difficult which will play crucial role to get top scores.

In all the three subjects, 5-6 questions were framed quite differently. However there was no ambiguous question in the paper this year.

In Physics paper, overall questions were slightly on the difficult side compared to last year. By and large, paper was on the expected lines with few elements of surprise. Almost all the topics were covered as prescribed by CBSE for JEE (Main).

The Mathematics paper overall was slightly on the difficult side. There were seven to eight lengthy questions, but a few questions were straightforward as well. Questions were asked from all Chapters. Questions asked were conceptual and nearer to the JEE advanced paper in terms of tricks and approach. Students whose study was confined to NCERT and related text books would find it difficult. Equal weightage was given to 11th and 12th syllabus.

In Chemistry, almost equal weightage of Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry was there. Paper has average difficulty level. No question was asked from the topics of Structure of atom, d & f-block, Aldehyde Ketone, s-block, Polymer & Surface Chemistry. Overall paper was balanced and mixture of conceptual and numerical questions.

Students with coaching will have an edge in terms of speed and thus will score better.

source : hindustantimes

Best wishes – Gc Tutor

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