GATE Papers and Paper Codes

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GATE Papers and Paper Codes

GATE 2018 will be conducted on 23 subjects (papers). Table 4.2 shows the list of papers and paper codes for GATE 2018. A candidate is allowed to appear in ONLY ONE paper in any ONE SESSION.

The syllabus for each of the papers is given on GATE website Making a choice of the appropriate paper in the GATE application is the responsibility of the candidate.

Some guidelines in this respect are suggested below.

Candidates are expected to appear in a paper appropriate to the discipline of their qualifying degree. However, candidates are free to choose any one of the GATE 2018 papers as per their admission or employment plan, while keeping in mind the eligibility criteria for the
institutions in which they wish to seek admission/employment. For more details regarding the admission criteria in any particular institute, the candidate is advised to refer to the website of that institute.

Candidates must learn about the paper code of their choice, as this information is essential during making the application, as well as, during the examination. As the candidates are permitted to appear in ONLY ONE of the 23 papers of the GATE 2018, they should make
their choice (of the paper), with due care.


The paper codes of GATE 2018 are listed below for your benefit.

Paper Codes of GATE 2018

Paper Code Paper Code
Architecture and Planning AR Geology and Geophysics GG
Biotechnology BT Mathematics MA
Aerospace Engineering AE Physics PE
Agricultural Engineering AG Engineering Sciences XE*
Chemical Engineering CH Life Sciences XL**
Civil Engineering CE Instrumentation Engineering IN
Computer Science and Information Technology CS Mining Engineering MN
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC Mechanical Engineering ME
Electrical Engineering EE Textile Engineering and Fibre Science TF
Chemistry CY Production and Industrial Engineering PI
Ecology and Evolution EY Petroleum Engineering PE

GATE 2018 Paper Codes for XE and XL papers

XE Paper Sections Code XL Paper Sections Code
Engineering Mathematics (Compulsory) A Chemistry (Compulsory) P
Fluid Mechanics B Biochemistry Q
Materials Science C Botany R
Solid Mechanics D Microbiology S
Thermodynamics E Zoology T
Polymer Science and Engineering F Food Technology U
Food Technology G
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences H

*XE (Engineering Sciences) and **XL (Life Sciences) papers will consist of sections listed in the table above.

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