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How to Practice with GATE Mock Test 2018?

The given steps can be followed by the candidates to access GATE mock test:

The link to access mock test of GATE has been updated below

The login and password fields will be disabled since it will be a mock test.

To start the test, the candidates will just have to press the login button.

The candidates should note that their responses will not be noted down by the system since it is a mock test. However the timer will work to time the mock test.

Candidates must use the virtual calculator provided with the mock test for calculation purpose.

GATE mock test can be ended by the candidate anytime they wish for.

The total time limit of the mock test is 180 minutes. If the candidates exceed the time limit then the system will automatically log out.

Features of GATE Mock Test 

The candidates can check the main features of GATE mock test from the points given below:

The total duration of GATE mock test will be 180 minutes.

There will be 10 questions from General Aptitude and 55 questions from the repective paper for the engineering disciplines

There will be no scores allotted to the candidates after the mock test is over as the test is only for practice purpose.

The candidates will be able to use the given virtual calculator for calculations during the mock test, similar to the real examination.

By attempting the mock test, the candidates will be able to understand the exam pattern of GATE better.

All of the questions asked in the mock test will be from the previous year examination and therefore the candidates will be able to prepare well for the upcoming GATE exam.

Best wishes : GC TUTOR

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