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Mutual Fund SIP Calculator

Now, that Implementation of Sixth Pay Commission is almost through, we are sure to get at least 20% raise in our salary. A prudent person can utilise this Oppurtunity by saving this extra money in a sytamatic basis either in monthly saving schemes sponsored by Government such as GPF, PPF, etc.

Also, the persons who have thirst for little bit higher annual returns to beat the inflation and at the same time wanted to safeguard the hard earned money can consider savings through the systamatic invetment plan (SIP) in a good Mutual fund on a monthly basis. GConnect has over the period published various articles on SIP. Users who wanted to have a look at the same can check the following links.

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4. Simply Incredible Profits = SIP

We do not recommend any particular Mutual fund out of umpteen funds available as on date. For indicative purpose and have an ideea about the retuns on the investment through SIP in good Mutual fund we have given following charts and data. It shows that returns over the short term may fluctuate based on the conditions of stock market and however over the 10 to 12 years period we are poised for a steady annual returns to the tune of 15% to 25%.

SIP Investments Since Inception 10 years SIP 5 year SIP 3 Year SIP 1 Year SIP
Total amount invested (Rs.’000 ) 145.00 120.00 60.00 36.00 12.00
Value as on 31st july-08(Rs.’000) 1533.38 720.58 110.17 36.53 9.89
Returns (Annualised in %) 35.70 33.67 24.56 0.95 -30.90
Benchmark Returns (Annualised) 18.70 20.95 19.53 7.19 -27.99

Birla Sunlife Tax Relief ’96

SIP Investments Since Inception 5 year SIP 3 Year SIP 1 Year SIP
Total amount invested 1,49,000 60,000 36,000 12,000
Value as on 31st july-08 12,14,759 86,165 33,697 8,484
Returns (Annualised in %) 31.73 14.59 0 0
Benchmark Returns (Annualised) 21.68 32.88 27.36 3.84

The other benefits of investing through SIP are

Income Tax exemption under Section 80 C up to Rs.1 lakh in respect of investments made in ELSS (Equity linked savings Scheme) . Check these topics in GConnect to know more on Income Tax exemption while investing in Mutual Funds

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3. Opt for dividend plans while investing in ELSS – It more than meets the eye

Life Insurance Cover without any additional cost towards premium (this is applicable for certain funds only). Check these topics in GConnect to know more on Life Insurance Cover on Mutul fund SIP

1. Why it is better to be a man than a Superman

2. Don’t spend seperately for Life Insurance – Get Insurance cover at no cost while investing through SIP

To quantify the approximate returns on savings through Mutual SIP the following SIP Calculator will be very handy.

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