Bank Strike on 12th November – UFBU and IBA meeting failed

Bank Strike on 12th November – No improvement in 10th bank employees wage settlement -Meeting on 5th November between UFBU and IBA failed.

As informed by All India Bank Officers’ Association and UFBU, the conciliation proceedings held on 5th November 2014, no fruitful result was attained since IBA did not come forward to enhance the wages of Bank Employees and Officers as demanded by UFBU. While UFBU which represents Bank Officers and Employees demands atleast 25% wage hike in 10th Bipartite wage settlement, IBA, the governing body of public sector banks in India offers only 11% wage hike.

Further, the IBA’s request to withdraw the Strike Notice for All India Bank Employees Strike on 12th November 2014 was not accepted by UFBU.

Central Labour Commissioner has informed that Next round of Conciliation proceedings between UFBU and IBA will be held on 10th November 2014

Circulars issued by UFBU and All India Bank officers’ Association in this regard are as follows


Circular Letter No. 20/VI/2014

November 5, 2014






In the conciliation proceedings held at New Delhi to day, our organisation was represented by the undersigned along with Com.S.S.Shishodia, President, Com.T.R.Verma Secretary and Com.Sanjay Khan Joint Secretary. Shri.P.P.Mitra, CLC, was in the Chair.

As the IBA representatives were more particular for a postponement of the Strike of 12th NOV 2014, without any concrete and improved offer, the Presiding officer of the conciliation Meeting was indicative in his approach to both the sides.

Hence, AIBOA calls upon the members to prepare for the Strike on 12th NOVEMBER 2014 with required seriousness.

With greetings,

Yours Comradely,



UFBU CIRCULAR No. UFBU/2014/33       DATED 05.11.2014

·          Conciliation meeting held by CLC today – No improvement in IBA’s offer –

CLC calls for further meeting on 10th instant – UFBU decides to go ahead with the strike

Further to the Strike notice served on the IBA by the UFBU, conciliation meeting was held today in New Delhi by Mr. P.P. Mitra Chief Labour Commissioner, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.  IBA was represented by Mr. M.V. Tanksale, Chief Executive, Mr. Unnikrishnan, Dy. Chief Executive and other officials.  UFBU was represented by all the constituent unions.

During the conciliation proceedings, the IBA contended that due to the reducing profitability of the Banks, they are unable to accept the demands of the UFBU and stated that for the sake of an amicable settlement, they would be willing to consider improving their present offer provided UFBU agrees to substantially reduce the demands.  IBA also suggested that UFBU should defer the strike so that the negotiations may be further continued.

On behalf of the UFBU, we explained the reasonability and justification of our demands and stated that the IBA’s offer falls too short of our expectations and hence not at all acceptable.  We further stated that looking to the runaway inflation as well as the increasing stress and workload under which bank employees and officers are working now-a-days, we deserve adequate wage revision.  We also said that besides improvement in emoluments and service conditions, other demands like 5 day banking, regulated working hours for officers, improvement in pension scheme, extending the old pension scheme to the newly recruited employees, etc. are also needed to be resolved but the IBA is not forthcoming on these issues.

IBA informed that they are willing to continue the negotiations further and appealed to the UFBU to defer the strike to facilitate a better atmosphere.  UFBU informed that the strike call has been forced on the Unions due to the unhelpful approach and unacceptable offer of the IBA and reiterated its preparedness for further negotiations provided IBA would come forward with substantial improvement in their offer.

After hearing both sides, the Chief Labour Commissioner suggested that both IBA and the UFBU should take steps to reconcile the differences and reach an amicable settlement.  He further advised the IBA to talk to the UFBU to find out how the strike could be averted.  He also adjourned the conciliation proceedings to 3-00 PM on 10th November, 2014 for further discussions.

Thus, our demands remained unresolved and UFBU decided to go ahead with the strike.  Hence, we call upon all our constituent unions and members to march on to 12th November 2014 strike without any let up.

                                                                                                    /sd./ M.V.MURALI


Source : AIBOA