11th Bank Employees Wage Revision – Third Round Constitution of Sub Committee

11th Bank Employees Wage Revision – Third Round Constitution of Sub Committee

Circular No. 9/VII/2017
July 21, 2017


Dear Comrades,


Post submission of Wage Revision Charter of Demands by Workmen and Officers Organisations, the first meeting, and third round per se since the beginning of the process was held today at IBA office in Mumbai focusing mostly on modalities. IBA team was led by Chairman, Negotiating Committee Shri R.K. Thakkar (UCO Bank) and included Smt. Usha Anantha Subramanian (Allahabad Bank), Shri Prashant Kumar (SBI), Shri Shyam Shrinivasan, Shri V.G. Kannan (CEO, IBA), Shri K.S. Chauhan (VP, HR & IR, IBA) besides others. AIBOA was represented by Com.Alok Khare, Vice Chairman in the meeting.

The hall mark of the meeting was that IBA team announcing constitution of two sub-committees, while expressing their intent to expedite the Wage Revision process. IBA sub-committee for “Officers’ Issues” is to be headed by Shri Prashant Kumar (SBI) and would include Shri Ujjawal Kumar (UCO Bank), Shri S.K. Choudhary (BOB), Shri K. Virupaksh (Canara Bank), Shri B. Ashok (CBI), and Shri M.K. Biswal (BOM).

The Subcommittee for “Workmen Issues” is to be headed by Shri Rakesh Sharma (Canara Bank) comprises of Shri H.C. Sati (Allahabad Bank), Shri Mrityunjay Gupta (Bank of India), Shri Punit Jain (PNB), Shri P.S. Seshadri (Indian Bank) and Shri Ajay Kumar Singh (SBI).

IBA urged UFBU to similarly constitute officers and workmen subcommittees to interact with the IBA subcommittees, so that discussions may start at earliest. IBA further advised that these sub-committees would mainly discuss “non-financial” and “miscellaneous demands” listed in respective CODs and consensus reached therein would be placed before the Negotiating Committee for approval. However major issues of CODs having financial implications would nevertheless be discussed and decided by Negotiating Committee only. On the suggestions of UFBU, IBA team also agreed to initiate process of seeking Government / RBI approvals / advices on issues listed in our CODs, wherever necessary, like “Introduction of 5 Day Week in Banks”, “Linking Staff Welfare Allocations to Gross Profit – instead of Net Profit” etc. IBA however informed that “Data Collection” from banks for the purpose of Wage Revision is still under process.

IBA agreed with the UFBU on the date of effect of the next Wage Revision to be 1st Nov. 2017. UFBU team strongly raised the issue of fractured mandate explaining historical perspective and scale inter-linking insisting IBA to cover all grades of officers. IBA however reiterated earlier decision of its management committee limiting current discussions upto MMG III only, as already communicated. UFBU would pursue this matter further at appropriate levels. Similarly IBA team responded negatively to the demand of Officers Organisations for “Common Branch Categorisation Norms” as in the past.

The issue of unilateral infringement of agreed service conditions and nonpayment of Demonetisation related O.T. / Compensation in certain banks were also raised seeking IBA interventions. UFBU also requested for frequent meetings with sufficient time provisions for wage revision discussions.

Comrades, with the discussion modalities getting fixed, we may hope the Wage Revision discussions to get momentum in the days to come. The current round of discussions though of a preliminary in nature marks the beginning of the process. Numerous challenges and hurdles would nevertheless await our current journey to reach the destination. Dark clouds looming large over the Public Sector Banking Industry, need to be fought back and defeated. With our unity, determination and spirit of ceaseless struggles, we shall keep marching forward to overcome and achieve.

With Warm Greetings.

Yours’ Comradely,

Source: http://www.aiboa.org/