Wrong Pension Fixation in 5th CPC


I retired as Scientist C in the Scale 3000 – 100 – 3500- 125- 4500 from DRDO in 1991 with 24 yrs QS at max of scale ie Rs 4500 during 4th CPC time My Pro rata Pension at retirement was Rs 1602 in 4th CPC and my Pro rata Pension in 5th CPC was fixed at Rs 4825.

5th CPC had revised the Scale of Scientist C from 3000-4500 to 10000-325-15200 I understand 5th CPC also recommended Modified Parity for all Pre-1996 Pensioners wef 1-1-1996 and Govt had accepted it.

I want to know whether this info is correct? In that case am I entitled to claim Rs 5000 in place of Rs 4825 as I am a Pre 1996 Pensioner.

I seek your kind opinion & advice.

This question is posted on behalf of Shri. T.Prabhakar.

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  1. You have not mentioned your last pay/10 months average basic pay, on the basis of this you can check as per the concerdance table no 36 or mention last basic pay at the time of Retirement. More over you have not completed for full Pension of 33 years.

  2. I retired as Director (Contracts) in the Military Engineer Service after serving as Group A officer for 33and half years, with 3 promotions with last pay drawn as Rs.28050 on 31 Oct 2005.
    Our audit authorities are fixing the pay (notional) wrongly by adopting concordance table43 instead of Table 45 and the actual last pay drawn saying that it is stagnation pay inspite of the clear entry of that pay in the concordance table.
    May clarification be given.

  3. Seen your attachment, as per my knowledge due to the dearness pay of 50% from 1/1/2004, actually your pay of 18700 + 9350 (50% of pay) total Rs.28050 it was merged in the 6th CPC from 1/1/2006. Your last drawn basic if 18300 (shown by them) or actually 18700 your in 7th CPC notional MATRIX PENSION will be from 1/1/2016 is Rs.69,250/- p.m. Regarding you mentioned the change of concordance tables if you got the promotion then only the table changes due to the pay scale otherwise it will not change.

    • Pl provide a clarification on following points.

      i) Can a person who got absorbed in the Central Autonomous bodies and opted for pro-rata pension from their parent cadre (CISF) draw DR on the pro-rata pension also.
      ii) Can he is eligible for 2nd pension in the autonomous bodies for his residual service.
      iii) If he got absorbed after technical resignation and draws pension from his parent office, will be in a pensionable service or NPS if joined after 2004.
      iv) How his pay will be fixed in the Autonomous bodies.

      • If he joined after 1/4/2014 the question of service Pension question does not arise, since NPS applicable to him. If technical resignation through proper channel Pay & Service will be produced.

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