Stagnation in matrix level


How stagnation should be handled once some one reaches last index of any matrix level?

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, Pachaiyappan Ekambaram 5 months 4 Answers 245 views 0

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  1. In any MATRIX LEVEL there is only 40 stages are there, in view of one employee cannot get 40 years in service. Moreover every 10 years with the condition of very good bench marks he/she will get in next level in stages 11, 21 & 31 years. After 31 years he/she will not get 4th MACP within that period they retire from service.

    • Thanks. All levels are not having 40 stages. Take for example level 14 : 15 stages, level 15: 8 stages. After reaching 15 th stage whether increment will be given for remaining years of service or no increment will be given . What is the procedure to be followed?

      • As you mentioned levels are for the posts as M,P., Governor, Prime Minister, Vice President, President. Some of these posts are having 5 or less than years only. They are having no promotion posts.

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