Sir, need clarification. I have got promotion from Senior Assistant to Dy. Tahsildar cadre on 20-01-2020 and reported (joining) my duty same day F.N. 20.1.2020. So, my fixation is fixed from 20.1.2020. But my regular Increment is on 01-02-2020. My pay fixation is fixed on 20.1.2020 and i can get only one increment and next month 01-2-2020 my regular increment and extra increment under 22 (b) total (2) increments can i get or not. pls. give clarification Sir.


Sk. amjad Ahmed Abbas
Dy. Tahsildar, O/o. RDO Parkal Division, Parkal.
Warangal Rural District
Cell No. 9849051506
Mail Id. [email protected]

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    replay me sir


    replay pls.


    your have mentioned that -“Your pay fixation is fixed from 20.1.2020. But your regular Increment is on 01-02-2020. ”
    From 6th CPC the date of regular increment was 01 July of every year and from 7cpc this date is 01 July or 01 January of every year.
    your mentioned date 01-February is not as per above, hence the case is not clear to say anything as per 6th or 7th Cpc rules


      You are correct Sir. He is confused and confusing others. Let him put his question properly in better way.


    As per Telungana government G.O. No.23 increment was granted from 8/2014 so increment is given in 8/2020.

  1. That seems to be the case in this link below. The replies have given thoughful insights to the situation

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