1. There was a single sanctioned post of Group B cadre in 2000.
2. After retirement of the person holding that post (say MR ‘A’), next incumbent
(Say MR ‘B’) got promotion.
3. In 2003 two more posts were created and the senior most persons (say MR ‘C’
and MR ‘D’) got promotion.
4. All the 03 posts are promotional.
5. Now one post has fallen vacant.
6. My question is: If the calculation of reservation will be started from the
name of MR ‘A’ (as at that time there was only single post to that cadre and
for single post, reservation roster is not applicable).

OR it will be counted since creation of another two posts (2003), i.e. the date
another two got promoted on the newly created posts?

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  1. This is to inform there is no monitory benefits from the 6th CPC,. Designation proportionals are no separate pay scales, monitory benefits by way of changing the GP in 6th CPC as ACP completion of12 years and from 1/9/2008 as MACP Scheme on completion of 10 years as next GP changes. In the 7th CPC changing every 10 years of MACP in the matrix table equivalent pay with one increment to next matrix table ( i.e. next GP changes tables in 6th CPC). Designation promotions are only as per the vacant post only not in pay scales.

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