Sir I got promoted on 1 Jan 2019 as a udc from ldc sir on 1 Jan I will put my biomateric attendance at 9.40 and I received my order for promotion and sign the OC copy with time and signature due to my so apcent I will give the going repot alternative so as per our. Clri om sir sir due to my wife not well I take half day leave an at 2 pm kindly guide me my joining report may consider fn of 2019 Jan 1 thinking you

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Gopinath B 2 years 2020-03-27T14:10:29+05:30 1 Answer 306 views 0

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    It is not clear 1/2 day leave taken in the forenoon or afternoon l please clear. If leave taken in afternoon ur joining will be treated forenoon and ur eligible for DNI on 1.7.2019. There is a relaxation in biometric attendance to attend office late 10 minutes then u will spent 10 minutes extra in the evening or not possible on the same day then next day or subsequent day to complete duty hours as per biometric attendee guidelines.

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