Pay fixession on promotion from level 12 to 13 and ncrement date illustration


Case 1: I got the promotion on 1 St of July, 2017 from level 12 to 13. Before promotion my basic was 88700. What will be my basic as on 1 St January’ 2019 and date of increment? Kindly, refer the order and any published illustration.
Case 2: Mr. X got the promotion on 1st January, 2017 from level 12 to level 13/. Before promotion basic pay was 88700. In that case, what will be his basic as on January 2019 and next date of increment.

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    Case 1) 1/7/17 88700 in Level 12 only because in the 7th CPC, promotion will not get changes in level. Your designation changes next higher, but no monitory benefits, you will get pay fixation in MACP on completion service of 10/20/30 years as matrix level changes. 2) 1/7/18 91400, 3) 1/7/19 94,100.

    Case 2) Mr. X got promoted as per the 6th CPC Rule as next grade pay given for promotion with his option in old pay, so he got increment on 1/7/17 as ₹ 1,23,100/- in next level 13 with accured six months basic pay. On 1/7/18 as ,₹ 1,26,800 & 1/7/19 as ₹ 1,30,600/-.But he will not get of his MACP on completion of service 10/20/30 years, since he has given pay fixation for his promotion.


    I got promoted on 1st Feb 2019 from label 5 (with GP 2800) to label 6 (with GP-4200) as per 6th CPC basic Rs. 13420/-. I have opted for pay fixation as per 7th CPC i.e DNI 1 Jul 2019. How I will be benefited and what basic will be as per 7th CPC on 1 JUl 2019.

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