Pay fixation on Technical Resignation in same Level


I am working in level 7 of 7th CPC. I am about to join a different department with same level-7. But there is an extra allowance of 20% in that department. My question is that On technical resignation my BASIC PAY will be fixed or Gross pay? Current basic is 46200. and In Hand around 58000. but In next service in hand for 44900 will be greater than 58000. so What component will be fixed? Will I join on 44900 or 46200?

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Karan Chowdhary 3 years 2018-12-22T19:05:45+05:30 3 Answers 2396 views 0

Answers ( 3 )


    Only basic pay will be given in other department. Extra allowances will be dipends as per the place conditions.


    You have pay protection but allowance depends on place of posting

    Though you are joining in different dept, but with same level, the past service rendered by you in the previous department will be taken into account for increment, MACP purposes.


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