Pay fixation on promotion from grade pay 5400 PB-2 to grade pay 5400 PB-3 6PC


1. A person got his 3rd financial up gradation on 24th Nov.2014 in Grade pay 5400 in PB 2 from Grade pay 4800 in PB2.
2. He got his promotion in the month May 2015 in Grade pay 5400 in PB3 from 5400 in PB2.But he does not get any financial benefit by granting of 3% increment due on promotion due to change of PB 2 to PB 3.

As per 6 CPC – In the case of promotion from one grade pay to another, the pay fixation will be done as follows:-
(i) One increment equal to 3% of the sum of the pay in the pay band and the existing grade pay will be computed and rounded off to next multiple of 10. This will be added to the existing pay in the pay band. The grade pay corresponding to the promotion post will be granted in addition to the pay in pay band. In case where promotion involves change in the pay band also, the same methodology will be followed. However, if the pay in the pay band after adding the increment is less than the minimum of the higher pay band to which promotion is taking place, pay in the pay band will be raised to such minimum.

Please suggest in this matter whether he will get promotional increment due to change in Pay Band or not.

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  1. Inform your colleague that after 6th CPC there’s no promotional benefits only designation changes & there’s no pay scales for the designaton/post due to the vacant post. From 1/9/2008 upgraded pay benefits of every 10 years as MACP only upto the 31/12/2015 as grade pay changes after 7th CPC from 1/1/2016 matrix level changes. More over after third promotion/upgraded their will not no monitory benefits. So he will be in PB 2 GP 5400/level 9 from 7th CPC of stages of every year increment upto retirement, but his designaton may changes if the vacant posts are available due to the retirement.

  2. Ravi Ranjan Kumar

    Certainly, MACP is admissble without benefit of difference of grade pay. In accounts cadre, after promotion from Accounts Officer(GP 5400, PB-2) to Sr. Accounts Officer(GP 5400, PB-3), on increment used to be granted.
    VIDE DOPT No. 35034/3/2011-Estt.(D) dated 08.04.2011, it has also been clarified in favour of this.

    • Ravi Ranjan Kumar Sir,
      can get a order copy of VIDE DOPT No. 35034/3/2011-Estt.(D) dated 08.04.2011.
      I searched dopt and employees diary, i didn’t get. If you are having pl sent the above mail please

  3. Sir,

    In Ministry of Labour and Employment certain staff nurses were got benefited through CAT orders and they got Rs.6,600/- after promotion from Rs.5400/- GP. The Hon’ble CAT,, Hyderabad has granted the same to the persons who have approached to Hon’bleCAT.

  4. As per fixation rules, an official was entitled to Pay fixation benefits consequent to grant of Financial upgradation. If he earns subsequent promotions he is not entitled for pay fixation i.e 3 % increment is not given and only the difference in grade pay is available. The essence of this rule is a official already availed pay fixation due to MACP which is awarded as a measure of consolation(no promotional avenues for years!) can not be given the same benefit consequent to his normal promotion. So the rule of granting pay fixation benefits due to change in pay band or grade pay is nullified here.

  5. Please see the above UO note of Dte. of Education, Delhi.

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