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Sir, I have taken discharge from IAF after completion of 20 years of service after expiring my regular engagement. I joined central government service in March 2009 under NPS . My question is that can I opt for NPS to OPS as mentioned in mobility of personnel from central government/ autonomous regarding dated 11 June. Kindly reply

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  1. Last Date For NPS to OPS switch: To exercise the new option, eligible central government employees need to apply by 31/05/2020. If an employee fails to exercise this option before the last date, they would continue to be covered by the National Pension System.

    The decision to provide the new option to Central Government Employees comes months after the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) ruled in a case that the benefit of the Old Pension Scheme cannot be denied to a central government employee if the delay in joining the service before 01/01/2004 was not because of a reason attributable to him. FE Online had reported the order in November.

    As per the above date is over, if you have given letter before this date (31/5/2020) you are eligible.

  2. It is applicable only to those who had taken ‘voluntary retirement’ or given ‘technical resignation’ letter. I think that you are an ex-serviceman (Air Force). So, you had been discharged after completion of the full tenure of 20 years. I think you are getting monthly pension under CCS (Pension) Rules. In addition, you have got job under Central government department and also brought under NPS. Now, you cannot come under those categories as mentioned in OM dt.11.06.2020


    Initially I got recruited by NHAI in the year 2003 ( total recruitment process completed and results declared ) but joined in the year 2004. Thereafter, I joined Railways in Jan, 2005. (Duly submitting technical resignation from NHAI).


    As per above, I have completed 6months of service in NHAI and joined Railways.

    As per recent NPS to OPS scheme, my recruitment process completed in the year 2003 in NHAI. But now I am in Railways.

    Am I eligible to apply for the scheme, as NHAI is a Government Autonomous Body where old pension scheme does not apply. But I m now in RAILWAYS where pension scheme applies if recruited before 2004 (but I am recruited by NHAI before 2004)

    My question is whether my service in NHAI is considered as government service by Raulways and gives eligibility toopt for.the scheme.
    Awaiting kind reply,

  3. Whether pay & services including leave records are protected or new rec in Railway?

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