Option for date of increment on promotion in higher grade pay under FR 22


I am Professor in the university of Lucknow , Lucknow. My name is Vineet Kumar Verma. In my university the account office did not ask for the option for the date of increment. Teachers also have no idea regarding this option. After fixation of salary in 7th pay scale juniors are getting more salary than seniors then this anomaly came in picture. All teachers who got there promotions between 2 January to 30th June, account office give an increment on the same date and does not give annual increment on 1 July due to the rule that two increments can not be provided within 6 months. The teachers who get there promotions between 1july to 1 January got one increment on the date of promotion and one more on the 1 July also.
So the question is , if we have not asked for option. What is our fault. How this problem can be resolved. The required time of 01 month to give option has been already expired. Is there is any way to give option now.

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Vineet Kumar Verma 2 years 2019-07-14T14:37:03+05:30 1 Answers 1768 views 0

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    From the 7th CPC ,, there is promotional monitory benefits only higher designation changes higher from that date. Only in the completion of every 10th year from the joining duty without any Promotions as MACP upgradrations from the 11th years onwards of your Matrix Level changes next stage of pay.

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