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My friend is safaiwala in defence Est and draws basic pay Rs 2780/-in the month of January 2006.By dopt finance orders employees draws increment in the month of Feb to June will get one time increment in last pay drawn whether he is eligible for one increment his increment date falls in the month of March. How his pay will be fixed in the pay scale 2550-55-60-3200 (pre- revised scale) when adding one increment in basic pay 2780+60=2840 falls in same place in recokner pay scale .Revised pay band + grade pay (PB -1 Rs 5200–20200 + Rs 1800. you are requested to please guide how pay of my friend will be fixed B/P RS 2780 in march pay in the band 5530/= & grade pay 1800/= Rs 7330/= and with one time increment 2780+60 =2840 is same as above rs 7330/= how my friend will get benefit one time increment please send fixiation formula on my e mail address [email protected] (Mob no 9419623265) that will be yours most kindness for help.Thankyou.

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    This is to inform you that your friends pay was fixed at that from 1-1-2006 in the scale 4400-7440 plus GRADE PAY 1300. GPADE PAY 1800 is given from 1-1-2016 of minimum 18000 .


      Respected Sir
      I am not satisfied by your reply you are requested to please look again in my friends case that he was drawing pay Rs 2780/= in the pay scale 2550-55-60-3200 (last pay drawn in the month jan 2006) In 6cpc his pay was fixed in new pay scale Revised pay band +Grade pay PB 1 Rs 5200-20200 +1800) Pay in the Pay band.
      Pre-revised basic pay pay in the pay band gradepay Revised Basic pay
      2550 5200 1800 7000
      2605 5200 1800 7000
      2660 5360 1800 7160
      2720 5360 1800 7160
      2780 5530 1800 7330
      2840 5530 1800 7330
      2900 5700 1800 7500
      Now my question is that my friend ( safiwala Matric passed) Draws last pay in the month January 2006, Rs 2780= his increment date is Month of March before 6cpc with one time(from Feb to June) increment order in the year March 2012 what will be his pay in the month of july 2006 with 3% July increment also.what will be fixation formula for in his case when 2780 & 2840,have same pay in revised pay band Rs 7330/- as shown above.Dept refused to give benefit of one time increment to him & told to him that with one increment it falls in same stage as mentioned
      above in fitment table above. When basic pay Rs 2720/-will get benefit one increment & his pay will be 7330 same to him & junior to him one year .It is my request to all senior members retired or servicing from finance dept,s connected with G Connect please look in to mater & give yours valuable sugestion in this connection Thankyou


    Do you required pay as on 2006 or 2016 ?

    • Respected sir
      I Want pay fixiation formula with one time increment (Feb to june ) orders issued by finance dopt in the month of march for those employees who draws annual increment bettwen Feb to june will get one increment in last pay drawn in the month of january 2006 for re fixiation of pay in 6cpc by finance dept orders issued in the year March 2012.Sir i required fixiation formula for 6cpc
      with one time increment.My frinend last pay drawn in january 2006 is 2780/- & rate of increment is Rs 60/-p.m (important note Pay fixied by his dept is as 5530+1800=7330/- in the month of jan 2006 & Rs 7330+220 =7550 with 3% increment in the month of july 2006) He was not paid benefit of one increment on refixiation of pay in the year 2012.whole case is reflected in my 3rd May 3.58 pm


        His old basic as on 01.01.2006 was Rs.2780.
        Adding with one time increment @ Rs.60, his basic pay becomes Rs.2840/- on 01.01.2006
        Now multiply by 1.86 (multiplication factor), his basic pay as on 01.01.2006 in VI CPC becomes 2840×1.86 = Rs.5290 + GP Rs.1800 = Rs.7090

        Now, if he had given option to draw his March annual increment to July 2006, his pay as on 01.07.2006 will be 5290+1800=7090×0.03=220+5290=Rs.5510+1800=7310*0.03=220+5510=5730+GP 1800=Rs.7530/-.


          For the mentioned 5th CPC scale it was given GP 1300 not as mentioned 1800. On preparing due drawn statement he will be given increment as per 6th CPC rule in 7/2006 & 7/2007 already given increments on 3/06 & 3/07 it will be recovered and given new scales of 6th CPC. from 1-1-2006.


    If it seems last pay was in JANUARY 2006 so your friend was retired on that month. From the 6th CPC as per the Central government rules increment is July, since he has retired in January he is not eligible for the July increment of 2006. Hence he is not eligible for increment in 2006, his pension will be as per is last retired basic without increment of January/March/July 2006. His pension will be 50% of last basic pay.


      Respected sir
      That my friend was appointed as safiwala in the year March 2001 in pay scale 2550–55–60–3200
      with intial pay———- 2550/-
      In 2002 2550+55=2605————————- in2002 ist increment March
      2605+55=2660————————–2003 2nd—– do——- do–
      2660 +60=2720————————-2004 3rd——do——– do–
      2720+60=2780————————–2005 4th——–do——– do(Last pay drawn in the month of janaury for pay fixiation in 6th cpc is Rs 2780/–(last pay drawn in the month of Dec 2005.He is still in service & draws pay as per 7cpc.
      Next scale is– —————— 2780+60=2840/=


    Up to 31-12-2005 his pay was Rs.2,780 from 1-1-2006 pay of rs.4440+GP 1300 = Rs.5740 from 1-7-2006 as Rs.5740 of 3% increment as Rs.172 rounded off to Rs.170 + 5740 total Rs.5,910/-.up to 31-12-2015 as 3% for 10 years as 6480 (including GP 1300) treated as maximum of Rs.7,000/- from 1-1-2016 multiple by 2.57 = 17990 limited to Rs.18,000/- as on 1-1-2016 Matrix Level 1 in 7 th CPC.

  1. Respeted sir
    That my friend was appointed as safiwala in the year March 2001 in pay scale 2550-55–60–3200 and draws basic pay rs 2550/- ). In month of March 2005 he draws rs 2780/- upto dec 2005,(with increment 2550+55 =2605+55 =2660+60 =2720+60 =2780)
    In 6th c.p.c he draws B/P RS 2780/- JAN 2006. Dopt,s order one time increment in the year March 2012 for those employees whose increment date falls between Feb to June (for re fixiation of pay) 5200+1800 scale
    will get one increment in last pay drawn in this connection my friend last pay drawn is Rs 2780/- when we add one increment in it becomes Rs 2780+60 =2840. Now my question is both pay scale falls in same place i.e
    how my friend get benefit of one increment.The problem is only in Defence dept,s
    they have not taken any action in this connection so for.
    But in Railway dept,s they added one Bunching increment in it such as
    Rs 2780+60 = 2840 (with one time increment)
    Rs2840+60 =2900 (with bunching increment) now last pay is Rs2900/- in March 2006,

    This pay fixiation formula is in Railway dept,s but i have no appoarch in railway to get from them if you have than please get it from them.


    January 2006 increment of Rs. 60 it was deducted while fixation of pay as on 1-1-2006.Since the pay was given Rs.5740 instead of Rs.2780/-. Your calculation is wrong as Rs.7380 (not in the scale of 5200-20200). The scale is 4440-7440 plus GP 1300). You may see the calculation which I explained it was in CONCERDANCE TABLE 1 clearly. It is for all Civilians (Railways) & also Defence. What is now his pay as on 1-1-2016 ? If is Rs.18,000/- it is Okay.


      Respected sir
      He was granted increment rs 60/- upto March 2008.After that 6cpc come in force w.e.f jan2006
      and all increments given to him taken back due to 6cpc but last pay drawn in the month dec 2005
      remains rs 2780/- and in 6cpc pay of my friend fixied in pay scale 5200–20200. & fitment table is given below
      old pay scale new pay scale G/P total pay
      2550———————————5200+1800 ————————————– – 7000
      2605———————————-5200+1800—————————————- -7000
      2660——————————– -5360+1800————————————— – -7160
      2720———————————- 5360+1800———————————— -7160
      2780————————————5530+1800—————————————- 7330
      2840———————————–5530+1800—————————————- – 7330
      My question regarding one time increment when we add one increment in 2780+60 =2840= 7330 falls in same fitment table as shown above (2840——5530 +1800 =7330 where is benefit
      of one increment for my friend when he replaced March increment in the month of july by loosing 4 months
      your requested to please consult some other person which knows complete fixiation pay formula Railway dept,s have fixiation formula. thankyou


    Fixation formula were changed from 6th CPC since GRADE PAY given.

    • Respected sir
      you are right that pay fixiation formula changed in 6cpc with grade pay .Now my question to you is what is Bunching increment who is founder of this increment in 4th, 5th,6th, &7th cpc when pay benefit to all employees is according to basic pay such as 1.86, 2.57 why bunching increment always comes in all cpc what is reason behind this can you explain


    Specify the basic pay with the scale of pay of 4,5,6 & 7th CPC, I will explain with O.M. details


      Respected sir,
      If you have link with railways dept,s you can get pay fixiation formula from them because they have setteled all pending cases of one time increment with the help of railway ministery order issued in the year 2013 regarding , pre-vious pay scales such as,2550–55-60–3200 (for pay 2780)
      How railway implemented by adding one bunching increment.


    You can get fron Goole search.

  2. Respected sir
    Letter is available on google in which ministry have mentioned regarding bunching of increment but fixiation procedure is not metioned I think it will be as mentioned below
    last pay drawn jan 2006—————rs 2780/-
    wtih one time increment ———————-rs 60/-
    ———————————————rs 2840/-
    Bunching increment———————–rs 60/
    Total basic pay March2006————-rs 2900/- falls in fitment table 7550/-
    You are requested to please look again in this connection. Thankyou


    I will appropriate you. At this stage no use they fixed Rs.7000/- & Rs.18,000/- minimum pay from 1-1-2006 & 1-1-2016 respectively. If they might have been given old increment & in new increment of 3% of new pay including Grade Pay of Rs.1,300/. Any how in due & drawn statement to fixation as on 1-1-2006 if it will be any how deduction. You think how they can give these increments as you mentioned ? Further to inform you that former Finance Ministor Mr.Arun Jaitley has approved minimum pay of Rs.22,000/- from 1-1-2016 in the Rajaya Sabha but it was not implemented so far and orders were not issued. So live it.

    • Rspected sir
      On jan 2006 my friend draws last pay rs 2780/- in preiovus scale 2550-55-60-3200 in march 2007 he draws rs 2840 by adding rs 60/- in this again march 2008 he draws rs 2900/- by adding rs 60/-in this .Then 6cpc orders issued in 2008 w.e.f Janauary 2006 (last pay drawn in the month of march was rs 2900/-) now in 6th cpc ( rs 2780/- & rs 2840 culbed together ) in new pay scale such as

      2550———————— 7000
      2660————————– 7160
      2900 ————————-7550 (SO ON )
      But my question is that when rs 60/- paid to last pay drawn by his junior 2720/- and he was placed in next scale in 2780/- by adding one time increment in last pay drawn by his junior and fixied his pay by dept,s in 7330/- in the month of jan 2006 now junior is getting benefit one time increment and senior is negecleted not given bunching increment .


    So file the case in CAT under RTI Act.

    • Respected sir
      you are right sir he will file case in CAT under RTI act your requested please intimate weather CAT branch is shifted in jammu due to U.T Status granted to j&k or will take some time for shifting due to covoid -19


    Whatever it may be now it is only in online, so you proceed with your all documents.


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