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B gopinath csir clri Chennai udc stores and purchase Sir I got promotion on 1 1 2019 from ldc to udc. I joined and received the promotion order on 1 1 2019 at 9.50am I give promotion joing report to my section officer but he is not available on at 11 am so for I put the joing report to in tray to my so table than at I got call from my wife at 1.50 pm due her illnesses I take half day casual leave and put the leave letter to my so table sir for above that my so said IAM not seen you yesterday I am not take your joing report 1 1 2019 sir my question is IAM elgible for 1 1 2019 fn shall I give representation to my director for that above matter kindly guide me please

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, Gopinath B 2 years 2020-04-03T17:16:54+05:30 3 Answers 568 views 0

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    In absence of the Section Offers next higher officer is Head of Department/Controlling Officer.


      He is taking lightly everything. Most irresponsible act. He simply left without telling to any senior official .Action of SO is right.


    Explain the actual position to the higher authority

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