Hi sir, I was promoted as JSO from level -8 to 9 with GP 4800 which got merged with higher post SSO II in level 10 Gp 5400. I reported to duty on 20 06 2016 as SSO II. My pay was fixed as per 7th cpc at level 10 without any increment and benefits . Later, no increment was given on 01 Jul 2016 stating i got promoted 20 Jun 2016. I have not been given regular pay fixation level 10 as well as regular increment till date, which is not correct. Now, I am due for 3rd MACP as on 31 Mar 2019 which is still pending at concerned dept for approval. My question is am i eligible for MACP for next higher grade pay from 31 mar 2019? will i get my due share? How to go about this? please guide.

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    This is to inform you that Level 8 to 9 is given to you, because Level 10 is only for those who are direct recruits.
    Have you given option for 6th CPC pay or 7th CPC ? (it was your 6th CPC PAY is higher than 7th CPC, if you require 7th CPC PAY you have to refund that amoun). If you have got in 6th CPC got GP 5400 from 20-6-2016 it was higher comparing to 7th CPC in Level 9 ONLY. For the excess payment of the amount so that they have not given increment to you. If you have got the upgradation of basic pay from 20-6-2016 you are not eligible for 3rd MACP because last promotion was 3rd promotion/upgradation of basic pay.. You have not mentioned the basic pay as on 19-06-2016, so it is difficult to say the basic pay.


    Sir ,
    I got my promotion as JSO during 2016 after 7th CPC. the post was merged with SSO II from March 2016. I assumed higher duty on 20 jun 2016. My pay was fixed at level 10 from 8 without giving my promotion increaments(one lower, one higher and one regular increament in jul 2016. My basic was just shifted from level 8( Rs 70000) to level 10(Rs 72100). Next regular increment was denied saying minimum 6 months gap. i am under heavy loss. My next increament was given on 1 Jan 2017, a gap of one year six months. I have niether got my new pay fixed nor increment. Kindly help me out to get my pay fixed.


    Yes correct. From the 7th CPC fixation of increment given from 1-1-2017 in level 8 and 1-1-2018 in level 9 only not in level 10.

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