As per the LTC relaxation to visit NER,I travelled by private airlines up to Kolkata from my place of posting due to non availability of Indian Airlines and submitted my claim in the year December 2009.After a lapse of 11 years ,LTC Bill is settled by the authority and imposing me the Train fare with penal interest.Prior to settlement,it has not intimated me for last 11 years.How they have imposed me the penal interst without settlement of my Bill earlier.

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P Kumar 1 year 2020-07-20T20:20:00+05:30 5 Answers 4108 views 0

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    It might have been checked by Audit. So you have to compromise with office due to the leaps of Administration & Accounts Officer. But since Army government money involved it should be penalized by the individual pers only.


    I suppose Mr P kumar failed to grease the palms of clerk and auditors hence paying penalty now. Paisa fenko और tamasha देखो


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