LTC for the block year 2018-19


I am a native of Madurai (Tamil Nadu) wants to avail LTC for the block year 2018-19 and my entitlement in train is 2AC. I am non-entitled by Air.

I want to go by Air for the sector Delhi-Chennai-Madurai and back in the near future. How much fare can I reimburse?

This question was originally asked by Shri.Ambalam Prakash.

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  1. You are allowed in air India flight from Madurai to Delhi & back it will be regulated the train fare if it less other wise you will be given 2nd class sleeper fare only because actually not traveled in 2A/C train.

  2. Further informing you that the block if you have given home town as Madurai , 2018-19 as home town from work spot to Madurai, all India LTC 2018-21 work spot to any where in India. Not as from native place.

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