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I am a native of Madurai (Tamil Nadu) wants to avail LTC for the block year 2018-19 and my entitlement in train is 2AC. I am non-entitled by Air.

I want to go by Air for the sector Delhi-Chennai-Madurai and back in the near future. How much fare can I reimburse?

This question was originally asked by Shri.Ambalam Prakash.

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  1. You are allowed in air India flight from Madurai to Delhi & back it will be regulated the train fare if it less other wise you will be given 2nd class sleeper fare only because actually not traveled in 2A/C train.

    • wrong . He is entitled for 2nd AC fare reimbursement.

      • This is to inform you that most of the trains no 2 A/c facility so it is actually travelled it will be given more over it is equalant to first class fare i.e. so that some trains frst class is there no 2 A/c coach.

  2. Further informing you that the block if you have given home town as Madurai , 2018-19 as home town from work spot to Madurai, all India LTC 2018-21 work spot to any where in India. Not as from native place.

    • Native place also comes within the territorial boundary of India. Hence entitled to visit native place from HQrs in All India LTC also.

  3. Gautam Vishwakarma

    The fare will be restricted or calculated according to your entitled class of rail journey , i.e. 2AC. But only Base Fare , because did not traveled actually in that train .It does not matter that train is Rajdhani or else. Ok.

  4. Sir,
    i want to take LTC for the financial year 2019-2020. i want to convert my home town ltc to all india LTC. i want to go to PORT BLAIR from chennai as i am posted in chennai. for that one i will have to go through flight only.

    I want to know whether i can take any flight ticket or only AIR INDIA TICKET. THANK YOU.

    • Instead of taking All India LTC to visit Port-Blair in A&N island you can avail the existing benefit of home town conversion LTC. You can avail flight from Kolkata or Vishakapatnam or Chennai to Port Blair & Back by any airlines in economy class subject to restriction of LTC-80 fare by AIR-INDIA if you are not entitled for Air Travel. If you are entitled for AIR travel during LTC you can travel by any airlines as per entitled class from your HQrs to Port Blair subject to LTC-80 fare restrictions.

  5. 1) LTC is as per the calendar year not as per financial year.
    2) If you want to change home town in Service once only you have to change in records with reasons with approval.
    3) LTC Block years are 2018-21 All India LTC. If you are not availed home’ town 2018-19 you can avail All India LTC Chennai to Bortplair by AIR INDIA only & if you are eligible by flight.

  6. Any flight. No restriction for NER/J&K/Andaman. see the latest DOPT O.M. dated 20-09-2018 para 2(iv) and (v).

  7. PleaSe see the O.M. – class 2 (iv) says ENTITLED CLASS of air by any airlines subject to the maximum fare list of LTC-80 & in 2 (v) in the bottom – it says NOT ENTITLED to travel by air they are the employees from Headquarters to not mentioned PORT BLAIR (since it is not having train service only it has available in air economy class). Moreover Mr.NIKHIL KUMAR has not mentioned of his eligible basic pay matrix level.

  8. 1 Ambalam Prakash,since you are not entitled to travel by air. Therefore you can travel by any airlines (can be purchased tickets from private agents like PAYTM, MAKEMYTRIP etc). However, fare shall be restricted to entitle class i.e. 2nd A.C.

    2. Nikhil Kumar, it is not necessary to avail All India LTC you can visit Portblair in lieu of your home town LTC also. Further, you can travel by any airlines but u have to pruchase tickets from authorised agents or direct from airlines websites. (order is attached)

  9. It is to inform that as mentioned in the O.M. of the bottom in class (v) it has said from Chennai to Port Blair (A&N) shall be undertaken as per their ENTITLEMENT. From Chennai to Port Blair is not available in Train services (2 A/c class – ENTITLEMENT CLASS) if any not entitlement class of servants can avail by sea in ship in lower class not in any airlines. For other places it is claimed as per their entitled servants of their entitlement of class because they can avail any airlines restricted to fare of LTC 80 or entitled class in train/road of their entitlement class.

  10. Further this is to inform that in view of PORT BLAIR has not mentioned in the bottom of O.M. for NON-ENTITLED EMPLOYEES, so they should not undertaken the journey in Sea/Ship.

  11. At the time of joining duty any home town for the purpose of LTC , it should be recorded that will be treated as home town. Not as you mentioned.

  12. I am also insist that EXCEPT BORT BLAIR NOT ENTITLED EMPLOYEES from Headquarter travel by any AIR in economy class by air are not allowed, except other places are allowed by any AIR redistricted to LTC 80 fare in ECONOMY CLASS, if they have are NOT ENTITLED EMPLOYEES.

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