LTC by Air to NER, J&K and Andaman and Nicobar


LTC by Air to NER, J&K and Andaman and Nicobar – Latest Clarification – Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988 — Relaxation to travel . we are planning to visit port Blair 21 Sep 18 to 26 Sep 18 but policy expire on 25 Sep 18. If possible I want to know when it will renewal.

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  1. outward journey date must within 25/09/2018 , 11:59 PM .

  2. Can I go from New Delhi to Port Blair via Kolkata and return in Pvt airline to New Delhi as it is NER

  3. Of late, dopt has issued a revised order in this regard. As per this order, LTC for A & N island could be claimed for the period from 1.9.2018 to 25.9.2018.

  4. Order dated is 20/9/18, it is allowed from 26/9/18 to 25/9/20 but you have to be intimated before leaving LTC.

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