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Leave encashment with LTC


How many days before proposed date of outward journey, should the benefit (disbursement of amount) of leave encashment be allowed to an employee.? Our Accounts officer is denying the disbursement of leave encashment proceeds along with LTC advance. He is disbursing the amount only few days before the proposed outward journey. Can any body throw some light what the rule says exactly in this regard. If you can provide order copy, will be more grateful.

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chandrajuturu 2 months 3 Answers 427 views 0

Answers ( 3 )

  1. It is allowed as per the advance booking in the railways.

  2. Person has availed LTC (Leave Encashment) of 10 days on Nov 2016 (before the applicability of 7th Pay commission) ,now 7th Pay commission has
    been applicable to all the Govt
    Authories/Bodies, So i want a clarificaon as to whether the person is entled to receive arrears with respect to 7th Pay commission for the LTC (Leave
    Encashment) of 10 days availed on Nov 2016.

    • Rajesh Pardeshi

      The revised rate on the retrospective revision of pay/D.A. on LTC (LEAVE ENCASHMENT) I had attached OM No. 21011/08/2013-Estt.(AL). of DOP&T for your perusal and necessary action.

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