Is Lien & Technical Resignation Allowed from Central Govt. to Central Govt. Autonomous BOdy


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Please help me out, i am currently working in MoHFW at 4200 GP or level 6 as a permanent employee, now i am selected in DDA at 4800 GP or level 8 of pay matrix which is a central govt. autonomous body. Will i be allowed for technical resignation and lien. I have already intimated in due time. Please help!

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  1. also my selection in DDA is at 4800 GP or level 8 of Pay matrix

  2. If you are applied through proper channel as your service periods will count. As per the service periods completion of 12 years as ACP and completion of 10 years as MACP from 1/9/2008 your pay will be given, not as per your designations since there is no pay scales from the 6th CPC & In the 7th CPC as per your next matrix level changes.

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    Pl speak to me 9952938362 as i need some more details before i answer your doubt

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