How loong will be Implemented the Pay revision of Pre 2016 Retiies


Myself A K Sharma , Retirf as JTO from BSNL on 31 Oct 2013 with my Basic Pay 29500 and my ext Incresement was due on very Next Day 01 Nov 2013 . But My PPO was issued as Basic Pay 14750 as Per 6th Pay commission , Now My Revised PPO is awaitted as per 7th Pay commission withh One Incresement from 01 Nov 2013. as per standing Orders ,
To whome I should write and Approach

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, avinash kumar sharma 2 years 2020-03-18T23:14:20+05:30 2 Answers 355 views 1

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    U have to wait till further orders.


    my next Increment was due on very Next Day 01 Nov 2013–Wrong conception. Because increment can due only on 1st July.

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