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I have purchased a Ready built house from a private person for Rs. 30 lakh after taking a housing loan of Rs. 24 lakh from LIC Housing Finance Ltd. In June 2017. In persuance to M/o Housing and Urban Affairs, OM No. I.17011/11(4)/2016.H.III dated 09-11-2017 and further clarification for migration to para 2(iii), extant condition there to vide M/o Housing and Urban Affairs O. M No I.17011/11(4)/ 2016.H.III dated 31.01.2018 , I applied for migration of my existing housing loan from LIC HFL to Departmental HBA covered under para 2(viii) of OM dated 9-11-2017 and condition (b) of OM dated 31.01.2018. But my Head of Department returned my HBA case stating that the applicant does not fulfill the condition 2(v) of OM dated 09-11-2017 and (e) of 31-01-2018 as ready built house has been purchased from a private individual and not from Housing Boards, Development Authority etc. Kindly guide me

1. My request for migration is in order

2. If not, In which clause of OM dated 09.11.2017, can I take HBA from Deptt. For repayment of loan taken from LIC HFL

This question is posted on behalf of Shri.Harish Narula, Rohtak.

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    You cannot take HBA for purchase of ready built house/flat from private individuals. Check para. 2.V of the O.M. mentioned by you.


    yes you can take hba for loan repayment. para 2.v does not hold here.

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