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I had been promoted to my higher rank (in regular) after re-structure of cadre during 2003 in my Dept.. In 2015 due to merger of some other cadre with my existing cadre, which was pending in court, given effect from 2003, I have been notionaly promoted against the vaccany year of 2006 by review DPC. Now, my Dept. ask me to give my option for fixation of pay. i.e.reducing my pay calaulating w.e.f.2006 (Year of Notional promotion) and after re-fixing, the Dept. will recover the arears extra paid w.e.f. date of review DPC (i.e. from 2015) to till date. My question is, Is it correct to reduce my basic salary due to notional promotion and if so, Is there any Rule to fix pay (reducing basic salary and MACP granted thereon) in such a situation and recover the arrears? Pl. explain.

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  1. Go through the attachment. Since your case is pending, don’t give any fixation options.

  2. Attachment.

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