Fixation of pay on promotion after availing one MACP benefit


I was appointed on 25.10.1999 in Indian Railways, ER as Jr. Steno in GP 2400. In October’ 2019 I was given MACP in GP 2800 in pay hierararchy but which is not equivalent to my next level promotional hierarchy. Then I got my first promotion on 01.04.2019 in GP 4200. Out SR. DPO OFFICE says on promotion I am eligible only for difference of pay from 2800 to 4200 and no increment shall be given on promotion. What is the correct procedure?

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Julee Das 2 years 2020-05-05T14:25:25+05:30 1 Answer 747 views 0

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    Correct procedure. Since you are same basic pay for 6 months from july to December 2019 so you’re eligible from GP 4200 ( 7th CPC MATRIX LEVEL 6) of your next stage of pay from 1-1-2020. For that you can opt increment from January ever year.

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