Family Pension to the wife of a deceased Pensioner without having a joint Bank Account


My friend was Pensioner under ICAR an autonomous body was getting Pension from SBI since 2016 in his sole Savings Bank account and was not having a Joint Account. He passed away on 05-Sep-2028. His wife is moving pillar to post after opening a new Savings Bank Account in her favour in the same branch if SBI where. The branch manager says, she has to get all approvals from the Pension Authorising Officer and routed the approval from Central Pension Processing Centre (CPPC) of SBI though there is a mention in the PPO to the effect that she is entitled for FP in the event of death of her husband. Can I get clear procedure with rules, instructions to banks or government orders in this regard to advise her. Thanks

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Gandhi Bojja 3 years 2019-04-15T03:49:45+05:30 1 Answers 322 views 0

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    As per the bank rules atleast she should have in nomination in her name in that bank, otherwise it should be come as per the authority. So it should not class in future as his wife.

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