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I got my 2nd Macp on 1st July 2015.As in 6th CPC regime, there was only one date of increment i.e. 1st July so I was supposed to get the next increment on 1st July 2016 which I got.
But, recently department of expenditure in its order dated 28th November, 2019 clarified that if a person is promoted or financially upgraded between 2nd January and 1st July, he will get next increment on 1st January i.e. on completion of six months of qualifying service. The date of effect of the order is 1st January 2016.
In my case, I was financially upgraded on 1st July 2015 but completed six months of qualifying service on 1st January 2016 which is also date of effect of 7th CPC as well as doe order.
So, what will be my date of next increment? 1st January or 1st July?
Chanchal Basu

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    At that time you got 2 increments normal & for MACP so your next DNI is only on completion q one year on 1-7-16.


      1st July
      as in July 2015 6th cpc applicable and there is no option for two DNI options.

      Moreover as per o.m. dated 28th November, 2019, let me know… whether the concept of two increments (annual & macp) on 1st July is available or not ?? [ as I think rule of two increments is still exist)


    In this case in 6th CPC on 1st July of basic pay upgradations is eligle i.e. those who got promotion/MACP from 2nd January to 30th june they are eligle 2 increments. There next DNI is on the next year in higher grade plus basis pay.If

    As per 7th CPC 2 Increments are not available, but they may get old matrix level increment on January and from July stage higher in next Matrix Level basic pay (sice they got same basic pay for six months). If he get option in January, he/she may be given increment on next year only.


    The date of next increment in your case is July 1


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