Arrears of EL Encashment upon implementation of 7th Pay Commission


I want to know that if we get the arrear of back period i.e. 7th CPC implementing in our organization on March 2018 (14 months arrear). My query is, I had availed LTC & applied for 10 days leave encashment and I got payment according to 6th CPC at that time when in our organisation 7th CPC is not implemented and when 7th CPC applied I had applied for 7th CPC to claim the difference but I didn’t get it. The Account section says that I will not get that difference. So kindly give anyone circular for this so that I can get that difference.

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  1. As per NO.21011/08/2013-Estt(AL) in terms of 38-A of CCS (LEAVE) RULES encashment of E.L. along with LTC is to be calculated on pay admissible on the date of availing LTC & D.A.admissible on that date. If pay or D.A. admissible has been revised with respective effective going by the rule the Govt. servant would be entitled to encashment of leave on the revised rates.


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