Admissibility of food allowances in case of local journey.


The GOI vide order dated 13th July 2017 has issued office memorandum implementing 7th pay commission recommendation regarding TA rules. As per this memorandum, new concept of timing restrictions for claim for daily allowances on tour (for food charges only) have been introduced i.e amount payable for food charges has been linked with the length of absence from Hqs.
However, the above office memorandum does not clarify about admissibility of food charges if length of absence from hqs / journey is within the city but beyond 8 km form Hqs i.e TA entitlement for local journey. In absence of the clarification, in case of local journey, reimbursement of food charges are further being restricted by the DDO to 50% of the admissibility mentioned in table V. i.e 15%, 35% and 50% by citing GOI orders issued vide OM NO 19030/1/76-E dated 30th January 1978.
In this reference I would like to make a reference of Ministry’s office memorandum no 19030/2008/E-IV dated 19th November 2008 which states that in case of local journey the actual expenditure incurred within the prescribed limits will be reimbursed as per normal procedure of reimbursement. Under this clarification, during the regime of 6th pay commission, DDO used to reimburse the food allowances based on claim but limited to the limit prescribed in the Ministry’s memo dated 23rd September 2008. As such GOI order dated 30th January 1978 was not followed in case of local journey.

I request that admissibility of the reimbursement of food charges in case of local journey may please be clarified.

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