I got my 2ndACP from 10/2004. My juniors who were drawing less pay than me got 2nd ACP from June 2005 and opted for July 2005. They got their pay fixed along with normal increment and drawing one increment more than me.We are working in the same office but under different DDO. In the seniority list they are junior to me and earlier before 2nd ACP they were drawing less pay than me.whether I will get stepping up at par with my juniors.At the time fixing of ACP scales we were working at different places.Now we are working in the same office.kindly tell me.

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malleswara rao kancharla 1 year 5 Answers 1325 views -1

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  1. As you said in the 5th CPC no opinion increment it is wrong. Any how they are getting less amount so the question does not arise.

  2. Moreover ACP Scheme was started from the year 9/1999 & it cannot be given 2 ACP in the year 2004.after that MACP Scheme was started from 1-9-2008. Double increment was given in the option increment if promotion from July 2006 it was in the 6th CPC basic pay plus Grade pay with 3% increment only in month in July only.

  3. Stepping up of pay will not be applicable to the Senior in the case where the Junior get more pay than him on getting MACP.

  4. Stepping up allowed if junior got ACP in between 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008 as per DoPT instructions dated 4.10.2012. Since the fixation will be in October 2004 after granting one increment.

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