ACP disallowed due to shortage of 8 months.My ACP was due on 1may2009.
the order for implementation of MACP came on 19 May 2009.Before that I became eligible for ACP which is not given.
I have got the MACP which is not advantageous.The case settled between 1 may 2009 to 19 May 2009 is not settled.

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    You have to be HAPPY for getting 2nd MACP & 3rd MACP earlier years of 20h year & 30th year instead of 24th year and 36th year as 2nd & 3rd ACP respectively. Life is very short think good ones.

    • Just check the judgement of Madras High court,
      It says the benifits of ACP can’t be negated with a new scheme called MACP with retrospective effect.And the actual order came on 19 May 2009.
      The government of india has taken 8 months to fix the parameter of Acp/MACP.
      If you’re convicted by a court of law but punishment not prounounced,you are free, similarly govt has announced 7th pay commission but not prounounced its implementation.
      Dopt is on contention of the judgement of Madras High court.So,defended a case also ,andadvised chief of postal department that benifts of ACP can’t be withdrawn with retrospective effect


        Individual cases are not for all. If it is DoPT it is for all. On the basis of the court case individual has get the judgment in favour them separately. In the Defence Ministry got the Judgment for the MACP from 1-1-2006 instead of 1-9-2008.


    If i get 1acp on 1may 2009,i will get promotion in promotional hierarchy.My basi pay was 4000-6000,it will be 5500 to 7000.After fixation I will be placed new pay matrix.I will get 2nd MACP on 2019.I will be more beniffited


      1) As you said in that year 2009 ACP scheme up to 31-8-2008 was abolished from 1-9-2009 since the MACP is introduced.
      2) In the 5th CPC scales 4000-6000 (PB-1) (GP 2400) it was after 4500-7000 (PB-1) (GP 2800) & 5000-7000 (PB-2) (GP) 4200.
      Whatever it may be your presumption is not applicable up to retirement if completed 30 years.
      If basic pay upgraded next MACP not acceptable. It will be acceptable when there is no promotion/upgradation of basic pay on completion of every10 years then only it is to be given from the 11/21/31 years.


      It is true that the MACP is disadvantageous to you. But, you cannot do anything in this regard. The MACP order was upheld by the Supreme Court in a recent judgement.


    The honorable supreme court has also mentioned, Since in the jcm level meeting quite a no.of times the issue has been raised,so the uoi should look into the matter & take necessary action as they dim fit
    So,im going to interlocutory application

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