MACP in the grade of LDC and UDC

Sai Usha, a gconnect member asked

This is in respect of para 5 of Annx.I of MACP regarding merger of pay scales of posts recommended by the 6Cpc. As per the MACP orders, promotion or ACP granted prior to 6CPC in between these merged scales shall be ignored for the purpose of granting further MACPs. Kindly help me in this regard.

I was appointed in the year 01/09/1981 as LDC. I was promoted to the post of UDC in theyear 1990,but the promotion was not accepted by me due to transfer. Once again duing the year 1996 I was promoted to the post of UDC and the promotion was accepted by me. As our department does not have post of Head Clerk, after UDC I was promoted as Office Supdt., in the pay scale of Rs.5500-9000 in the year 2002. After 6CPC I have been granted PB-II and GP of Rs.4,200/-.

Here My questions are:-

  1. Am I getting any benefit out of para 5 of Annx-I of MACPs for eg., I was promoted in 5500-9000 scale much before 1/1/2006. And as per illustrations given in this para,whether I am entitled to get Grade Pay of Rs.4,600/-from the date of 01/09/2008.
  2. My second question is whether I am entitled for 3rd MACP aftercompletion of 30 years i.e in the year 2011.

I need expert comments on the matter.  if I am entitled for 2nd upgradation as per Annx-I of para 5, I have to represent before my department.

GConnect Team’s opinion:

You have already got two promotions in your dept’s hierarchy (LDC-UDC-Head Clerk)(1900-2400-4200).Thus you are entitled for 3rd MACP as on 01/09/2011 in GP 4600 , if you are not promoted to your next cadre until.

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