MACP in the event of merger of posts

Mr. G.sidharthan, a GConnect reader asked :

I am working in the A & N Police, Port Blair as Supervisor Operational and my pre- revised B.P was 5500- 9000. On complection of my 24 years of service my second ACP was granted to 6500-10500 w.e.f 09.08.1999.and my B.P as on 01.01,2006 was 9500/-. There is only three posts of inspectors in our organisation and after the 6th cpc their pay was up- graded to 7450- 11500/- with grade pay 4600/- in PB2.

What I understand is, my functional post is Supvr. Oprl with the B.P 5500- 9000 and was up- graded only on ACP and I am not holding the funcional post that carried pre-revised pay scale of of Rs. 6500-10500.

MACP is very clear that BP 5000, 5500, 6500 have been marged and sanctioned grade pay 4200 and after 31.08.2009 while implimenting MACP, two fixation would be done, 4600 for first ACP and 4800 for the second ACP. O.M no. F.No. 1/1/2008-IC:GOI issued on 13th Nov. 2009 would not be applicable to me because I am not holding the function post against 6500 which is up- graded to 7450 with gr. pay 6400.

My question is if the said order is applicable to my case what would be my pay and grade pay as on 01.09.2008?  My second question is whetther I am eligible to get my 3rd MACP w.e.f 01.09.2008?

GConnect Team’s Reply:

Point 1: You are eligible for BP 17670+GP 4600 w.e.f.1.1.06 and your will get BP 19740+GP 4600 as on 1.9.2008, even though you were placed in scale of 6500-10500 due to ACP. There is no bar/ restriction for granting GP 4600 in the said OM dated 13/11/09.

Point No. 2: You have not furnished the date of your entry in to the service and the post/scale for deciding MACP. However, taking the information that you had been given 2nd ACP on 9/8/99 itself, you might have completed your 30th year by 2005 itself and thus certainly you are eligible for 3rd MACP w.e.f 1/9/08 with GP 5400 ( assuming that you had entered dept in 5000 scale )

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